Tips fpr a successful marriage in 2020

Best Tips for a Happy and Successful Marriage in 2020

To get the real facts out there, we asked people on our social media platform to spill the facts and secret ingredients that help them lead a successful and happy marriage

When two people come together, they leave their regular casualties behind and try to adapt to what the other one is offering, or it could be the other way around. 



You meet someone and something similar from both sides come together, one better trait over the other and that’s how you start putting things in order accordingly to make them your priorities

But what makes people stay together forever, standing firm and strong in their relationships

Tips for an amazing and Successful marriage: 

  • Appreciation
  • Fear of Allah SWT
  • Communication 
  • Taking action 
  • Teamwork
  • Compassion
  • Respect and care
  • Loyalty
  • Understanding
  • Personal space
  • Be a listener
  • Trust and Belief
  • Tolerance
  • Patience
  • Be expressive
  • Be Grateful 
  • Empathy

Have a look at what people had to share;

1. Appreciation

With all your efforts being hurled towards the other person you need to work on what makes them happy, and nothing motivates the other person than their efforts being appreciated.
Here’s what they say: 

“Love is a complex set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.

Loyalty is Being there for each other no matter what!

Liberty is a state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.”

2. Fear of Allah SWT

“First and foremost fear of Allah SWT, then respect and good communication. If you both have these everything else will fall into the right place InshaAllah.”

Tips for a happy marriage

“Fear Allah Subhaan Watalaah…love and respect each other to please The creator…and appreciate whatever good your partner does for you and be thankful to them,

whatever disappoints you clarify it and have patience..give your partner time to improve and excel in your relationship. Play games together, understand, and implement the Quran together…InnShaAllah it will lead to eternal love…”

Improve your relationship with Allah first and foremost. And learn what Allah commanded and what will please Him.

3. Communication 

No matter how good of a listener you are, roles need to be changed. That’s where you need to communicate better. Here’s what people say: 

Communication between the spouses is very important, sometimes the husband/ wife will expect the spouse to automatically understand what they want or expect without asking directly, this lack of communication is adding to problems and misunderstandings, it’s better to always communicate directly and make things clear..”

Tips for a successful marriage

“Realize, there’s no such perfect marriage, as there’s no such perfect human.

Don’t get daydreams about how u want your spouse to be like.

Marriage isn’t a war.

But there are struggles & survivors of it.

Its two ppl cooperation, husband & wife.

Each husband & wife should have huge self-awareness & willing to change their own bad personality if it will harm their marriage life (*disobey rules in Islam, laziness, selfish, childish, rude, addictive to unnecessary things, too dependent to parents, etc).

Build & stand up on healthy communication, support each other & don’t give up..”

4. Taking Action

Speaking up and standing for each other, being the support is what keeps the marriage firm and strong on the grounds. 

“Breathe.. exhale

Disappointing days. Those expectations you once had. Breathe in a new day with a positive attitude and compare yourself with those close to you who don’t have what you’ve been blessed with. Thinking positively doesn’t mean you ignore the problem. It just allows you to see it from a different angle to take your tests another way.

If it’s a serious problem. Then take ACTION. Which is a bloody hard step! But the advice has always been there. Changing a lifetime of habit or a habit that has slowly crept in through toxic people is very hard to break. But Take counseling even in secret, remove yourself from bad people slowly.”

5. Teamwork

Work together, nothing works like the energy of synergy. 

“ Sail through it together like a team, in good and in bad.

Allow the communication to happen freely, the way forward comes out easily.

May Almighty bless you all. 🌸”

“There will always be disagreement, adjustment, disappointment at some point or the other the only thing which keeps you sailing is the trust n respect you have for your better half. please be vocal about your thoughts, share all the feelings with each other be it good/bad about yourself or people around.. it is only you two who can solve things.. so work on it as a team.. if your better half doesn’t agree.. try from your side n seeing the perks n positives from your end they will definitely give in n in sha Allah you will have a better life ahead.. may Allah Taalah bless all the couples and have mercy on us.”

6. Compassion

“ Remember compassion and mercy as the ultimate base for every marital relationship. Especially men, have some empathy towards your wife please.”

7. Respect & Care

  • kindly educate yourselves about the practices of our beloved prophet.
  • Be kind, remember Allah SWT is watchful over everything.
  • No matter what happens in life be honest and faithful to each other.
  • Respect, love, use kind words with each other.
  • Saying Thank you, saying sorry, and complementing helps a lot in a marriage… it boosts the relationship.
  • Understand the inner beauty of ur companion.
  • Allah SWT has chosen you for her, and her for you, so glorify Allah SWT and raising ur hand to bless you both.
  • Be grateful to what you both have, wallahe Allah SWT loves those who are grateful to Allah SWT.
Tips for a happy and successful marriage for couples
  • Never utter shameful words when angry towards each other, if there is anything wrong separate from each other for 2 hours, later on, make tea address each other with a solution.
  • Encourage each other to worship Allah SWT, and learn together Quran tafsir.
  • Do not run for shaitan choice, be grateful to Allah SWT’s choice for you both. Shaitan choice is false attraction, Allah SWT choice for you both is ultimately rewarding if you pounder, patient, and intellectual.
  • No one is perfect, everyone has imperfections consult each other on how to correct each other’s imperfections.
  • Be humble, a university degree, a full bank accounts, having handsome looks, being from a rich family must not give you the passport to be independent of upright character. Prophet Sulaiman was the richest man on earth yet he was humble. Remember everything you own is a lease from Allah SWT given to you temporarily, you do not know when ur lease expires, so be HUMBLE.
  • Share the house duties.

8. Loyalty & Understanding 

Understanding each other, communication, respect, love, loyalty, the value of the decision, patient, and adjustments.”

Patience is loyalty and honesty and Eeman is very important”


During one who is angry, rude, upset, bad phase, bad day, bad day’s, bad at words just be silent… For a few hours, for a day to lit up, or for days…

When something goes wrong…

Automatic understanding roots will grow an one who is best in explaining the need to speak in a polite way to his partner.”

9. Personal Space

“Giving some space and thinking about what your partner wants, and his or her happiness will help in making the bond stronger.”

Give space to your partner to understand and talk to them gently while addressing your problems or whatever is upsetting you.”

10. Be Expressive

“I have always thought was important is TIME.

Everything else comes second. TIME for each other if you don’t have the time to invest in each other and the well being of each other your marriage will struggle.” 

We compiled all the precious advice from people around the world for you to ponder over. May you get help from these. Let us know your views.

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    Thank you for sharing this article I am currently working with my marriage as I have been faced with communication issues and time inn sha Allah it will be sorted

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