Words Of Empathy To Your Wife

Words Of Empathy To Your Wife

Words Of Empathy To Your Wife

Words of empathy to your wife will sometimes become a burden. One day,  I saw my wife very busy with the household chores don’t know what happened to me my heart filled with empathy for her. I asked my wife,

“Tell me how to cook. I will help you around.”



Without wasting a moment, she placed a knife and few onions in front of me and said,

“Peel them then cut evenly.”

Such easy work could turn out so difficult, it was not in my mind. Tears were flowing and a competition began between nose and eyes in streaming. I look at my  wife and request,

“Can I wear  a helmet while cutting?”

She replied relaxingly,

No, it will be an enhancement in the cooking style. Till today it is not pronounced such a behavior from any lady.”

I was amazed on hearing this and words came out from my mouth,

“Ohh! An ignorant like me get an educated wife like you. If I got a wife like myself I would get a permission of wearing a helmet and then cut the onions.”

My one and a half-year-old son were sitting beside me and keep pestering me. I am fed up with looking after him but he kept on without a delay. He gleefully keeps on mixing onion peels with the sliced onions.

My wife saw this and instead of saying something to the son, scolded me,

“Why don’t you keep him away, he is messing all that up.”

I don’t know how to keep him from this mess up. Don’t know how mothers do so. I was thinking to hand him a cell but a few days back read an article from an honorable lady clicked me that keep kids away from a cell or else they will get used to it which will be harmful later.

I was hoping that I had not read that article or that lady had written something about peeling the onions without crying, then at least I was not crying like this.

My friend Rosho correctly says that saying words of empathy to your wife can sometimes burden you up. But I was kept crying and keep cutting.

With immense patience, this onion peeling and cutting process completed I took a relieved breath and made a happy gesture with the wink of an eye to my son he replied with showing his tongue happily. I just have outstretched my hand towards newspaper my wife put ginger garlic and green pepper in front of me.

Green pepper were like the female character in the digest which is shown by the author so smart as if she has stifled. Some other time this topic will be discussed. Get back on our cooking.


Cutting of vegetables:                      

Cutting the green pepper was not that tough but it was my bad that I took out the packet of mouth freshener without washing hands and for the sake of unsealing the wrapper with the teeth I placed it near my mouth and brushed my spicy fingers with my lips and there you go. Today I got to know what is the meaning of putting some chili.

Wife was laughing like crazy. I was so jealous when I saw her. I thought in my heart that I will surely bring her Stepney so she showed her teeth a bit less. Then I realized that I am such an irresponsible person can’t make one wife happy in this scenario how can I make another attempt.

After chili, ginger and garlic were cut and this process completed too. And I entered the round of cutting the potatoes and cabbage. I wash hands with soap, cut the potatoes but they turned dark. My wife told me to immerse them in water.

While cutting cabbage me and my son constantly munching and wife was watching us annoyingly. Now I put all the ingredients in ready to cook condition. She has to cook and we have to eat. Till then my all enthusiasm has vanished.

I took my son and went to the computer. I was watching screen but focussing on the wife and thinking about the household chores and the character of the girls.


Ordinary works need attention too:

Work which seems very ordinary needs a craftsmanship. Today I realized this. I often say to my wife “Whole day you were at home but could not do anything.”

She blessed one never retorted back but today her quietness hammering my thoughts. I can totally understand that what it takes to be at home.

Not only preparing the meal for us, the washing, ironing clothes, keeping the house clean, look after the kids. Every work needs attention. With the attention, the neatness and ability a lady holds are only  God gifted. We men are abandoned of it.

Housekeeping, prevention of the next generation, the quality upbringing of the children, rendering services to the whole family..and what not..which these women do very nicely.

Suddenly a thought struck to my mind if I were a girl, then what happened?

The simple answer of this is the way I am now so arrogant and unmannerly, I would have divorced at least for twice and who knows the mother of my third husband had burst me up with the spray of gasoline over me so that the fourth one remains safe.

That day I realize that words of empathy to your wife may become the burden but she(wife) is the only one who can do these work effieciently and run the home.

But this is only a fiction. Allah has made everyone at their best place. If He had to make me a girl then he would have placed all the same qualities that needed for the lady who is supposed to supervise in rearing the Islamic teachings to the kids or keeping the house with perfection. All a woman needs is a few uplifting words.


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