Poem - A Daughter

Poem – A Daughter

Poem – A Daughter

When a daughter goes to her in-laws from the stage of her wedding reception does not seems stranger,

But when after taking a meal she takes out her small hanky from her bag instead of using a hanging towel,



She seems like a stranger…..

When she stands at the door of the kitchen unfamiliar

Then she seems like a stranger

When she looks for the glass here and there

Then she seems like a stranger

When she asks how to do laundry

Then she seems like a stranger

When she does not look into the dishes even after the table has been laid

Then she seems like a stranger

When she keeps her gazes while counting money

Then she seems like a stranger

When she laughs at random and tries to show she is more than happy

Then she seems like a stranger

On her returning back

We asked “when would you come again”

She replies “let’s see when I can”

Then she seems like she will be a stranger forever

But after she sits in the car

She secretly tries to dry her tears….


Dedicated to A Daughter

Keep my house adorned

Just to keep the love

In the house of my father

keep my remembrance

In the minds of the children

And my honor

I am a daughter of this house

Keep my pride  adorn always


Dedicated to all married daughter

A journey from A daughter to  A mother


From carefree to worrisome

From crying to soothe someone

From being angry to calm

Before  she could hide

Now she hides someone

once she makes noise on touching the hot thing

Now she cooks even after getting the burn

once she weeps on small things

Now she bears with the major issues

once she fights with the brother or friends

Now she wishes to just talk to them

once she says mother again and again and plays

Now she smiles softly  if she hears a mother

Staying up at 10 means it was early

Now at 7, it got late

once she cares only about herself

Now she desires to buy a single dress for herself

She does nothing all day but says I am busy

Now she does everything but still an idle

She reads for an exam throughout the year

Now she is tested unprepared

When a daughter transforms

In the journey of a motherhood

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