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Looking for Writers

Assalam Alaikum

Do you want to use the power of words to inspire a change in the ummah, spark an interest in the readers’ minds and change the nation through education?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you’ve landed in the right place. Jazakumallahu khairan for showing your interest in writing for us.

Pious Couple is looking for volunteer writers !

We are always on the look out for creative and talented writers to join our team, whether it is as a regular feature writer or a one off guest post.

If you wish to become a feature writer for us just we need is

a article from your side, on categories mentioned below


  • Husband Wife relations
  • Life after marriage
  • How to deal with problems after marriage
  • How to raise your kids
  • How to get in love with your spouse
  • How to deal with in-laws
  • How to get close to Allah swt
  • Any other category you like, you can discuss with us 🙂

Wait !!!

before start writing, do keep in mind the following points


  • All content should be original and not copied from elsewhere.
  • At least one image to be included
  • No affiliate links to be included into the post but links to your own blog posts which are relevant to the post may be included
  • Your submitted article should not be published anywhere else. Plagiarized articles will be rejected immediately.
  • submitted articles should be free from political thoughts

All you have to do is fill the form up and I’ll get in touch with you. Be sure to include the ideas that you have, if you are unsure please just ask, or you can email us at [email protected]

Waiting for your response !

JazakAllah Khair

if you want to contact us, you can contact us via form below

write Volunteer Writer in subject

contact form

What we do ?

  • What we edit:  We will edit Grammatical errors, sentence structure and flow as to make more readable to our users
  • Title for Article: Our editorial staff may change the title as to make it more catchy to the audience 🙂

What happens after I submit my article?

  • Approval: if an article is approved it will be scheduled for publication and you will be notified by one of our team members of publication date.
  • Edits required: if we like your article but think it needs to be revised, you will be contacted with a request for edits.
  • Declined: if the submission received does not relate to Islam and something about husband and wife, does not make a good fit for our website, or will not benefit our readers, it will be declined.


12 thoughts on “Write for us”

  1. Assalam oa Laikum dear sir i have abality to write articals at these provided topics.
    please give me a chance.

  2. Children in Islam, Part 1

    Pre-Islamic Arabia was very much centered around adult males. Unsurprisingly, then, the society in which they lived was very much rigged in their favor. Women and children were often an afterthought, with few rules in place to ensure their health and wellbeing. This began to change when Muhammad received his first revelation from Allah. Throughout his prophethood, Muhammad would receive multiple messages from Allah detailing what Muslims were to do in order to create a better world for women and children. These passages were later included in the Glorious Quran. Meanwhile, Muhammad’s personal teachings regarding the importance of caring for women and children were compiled in the Hadith.

  3. Need suggestions

    I am reverted, married to muslim men. He married me coz i accepted islam. My parents left me bcoz of this. Initially my in laws accepted me except my husband’s elder brother and his wife. They created so much scenes and tried not to take us in home. But his other brothers accepted us. After few years bcoz of jealousy or i don’t know why, his brother’s wife accused me of relationship with her husband which is totally false. I cried alot, after she forced to ask my forgiveness. After few days my mother n father in laws went to their home, and they said many of lies to mother n father in law and from that day they also started to hate me n my husband. His elder brother is not talking to my husband. And every other day my husband’s father tells us that his eldest son is very good n we r very bad. I seriously dont know why they are hating me, i really converted to islam but they are trying to prove that i just married for love. Am really frustrated cant tell to my family about this n his parents dont bother to know my condition n how am suffering coz of this. Plz suggest me what should I do, should i go n mix with them or should i stay away from them.

    1. dont worry sister
      Allah alone is sufficient for you
      May Allah ease your problems and bless you

  4. Salam..i want to know about faraz bath after physical relation wid my wife or hus..is it must?or any hadith about when it should be or how. I need ref num..

  5. Assalamualaikum. I think I am interested in writing for your website. And I will make sure I’ll stick to topics mentioned above. And yes, no copying or plagiarism will be done. Insha’Allah.

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