woman is not a machine

Married Woman is not a machine

Married Woman is not a machine

Read this article and let us know your thoughts about married woman is not a machine?

Last night my wife and her friend quarreled .



The reason of the conflict:

The game in which blocks are made with the chalk on the floor and then they are numbered. Players jump from one block to another according to number. I got to know her friend insist on playing even on disqualification.

It was a serious matter I need to come into action.

It must be amazing for you that a married woman play like a  child.

Don’t think her like a machine

If I am being frank, then this amazement is not justified. Why do we think of a woman like a machine?

A girl who used to play like a child at her place till yesterday why do we suddenly expect her  to behave like an adult.

Human nature is not like a computer program that one mold it to his will with the effort of few moments.

You married a girl of eighteen or nineteen years of age, bring her home,  you conclude that now her will is ended.

Or now she should not have time for herself.

And above of all, that  instruction:

“keep this in mind that she is my mother.”

My brother you keep this in your mind why to tell her. If you have mother then serve her with the best of  your efforts, entertain her but to serve your mother does not mean to discourage your wife nor by doing this you get any better chance to get to jannah or maybe  you would put in hell due to such behavior.

Difference between Maid and A Wife

I think our people are confused with the difference between a maid and a wife.

She is  wife not a washing machine that you bring home, now clothes of every family member are supposed to wash in the same machine.

They boast when they give money to the wife as if they are paying their maid.

I don’t get offended nor amazed when an  ice-cream man comes to our street and with my two little daughters my wife runs to grab money towards my wallet.

Marrying to me does not mean that I always frighten her with the ageing process or takes her life in the name of seriousness  or maturity.

The journey from childhood to the adulthood is with the passage of time and it should be with natural speed.

This journey will take time and i should give her my time.

That’s her right!!


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