The Policy of Muslim Marriage Sites

As the days pass by, technology takes new forms, connecting people from different parts of the world. Difficulty in communication is just a myth.

If someone tells you that they had to face some issues while contacting you then hey! Stay aware! It might be possible that they are not telling the truth. This might not be every case but in today’s developing world, communication from opposite poles of the world is made possible in milliseconds!



People are getting connected in several ways. There are many solutions to poor connectivity issues. One of the major advantages one has got by these networking abilities is the easiness of finding a perfect match for themselves. Yes! That is now easily possible because the internet has gone insanely vast.

Vast Categories!

There are a large number of websites available on the internet which has provided benefits to people in unimaginable ways. One of these is Muslim marriage sites. This is available on the internet easily, all you have to do is to search the perfect one for you and look for the best match.

They have many options for the visiting person and there is proper guidance available just one click away. It gives a proper tour of the person surfing their website. All in all, they give a good opportunity to those who search for their perfect partner.

According to Islamic Beliefs – The plus point!

The bonus point in Muslim marriage websites is that they make the match not only according to personal interests and activities but also by Islamic practices. It gives the right to know the next person around the globe according to a practicing Muslim. This one thing makes these sites different from many others.

  • They strongly believe that a Muslim should be a perfect follower of Islam.
  • He/she must live his/her life according to shariah.
  • Only Muslims are allowed to create an account on those websites.
  • They keep a strong eye on everything to happen according to Islam.
  • These websites have privacy features to have user access to their photos.
  • Only particular people can see their complete profile that is they have the hold on their account.
  • They do everything under the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

The basic features are described in the above bullets. However, let us see at some of them closely to get a complete picture instead of the blurry one.

1.    The person shall be a practicing Muslim:

This is the key feature that Muslims have not to worry about if he is searching for a perfect partner on a Muslim marriage site. He can easily rely on this factor because the profile of every person is matched with the one who is a practicing Muslim.

They keep the person assured of the spouse when it comes to Islamic beliefs because they truly understand how important it is to have a life partner who has the same beliefs as yours. Therefore, surfing and making an account on a Muslim marriage site is safe when it is about finding a good Muslim through their website.

2.    They follow Shariah!

Yes! This may not seem true but this is how they run their website. A Muslim marriage website has all the things planned according to the laws of Islam which we call shariah. This doesn’t sound true because obviously there are meetups planned which are not right according to Islam only if it happens between the opposite genders.

This is the twist in the plot here. There is a confirmation that they have the meetups planned in the presence of “wali” of the girl which is a procedure exactly according to Islam. Thus, the task is achieved here too! They give all the approaches to the genders to talk and know about each other in the presence of wali so that things are settled correctly and in peace.

3.    Privacy is guaranteed:

You read it right! You may think that when an account is created at matrimonial websites, no privacy is there and it may sometimes be harmful too for the females. But, the case is entirely different here! The Muslim marriage sites enable all the privacy features out of which, some are mentioned below:

  • They have options available through which you can let only a few people have access to your photos.
  • They have blocking options that keep you safe from wrong people contacting you.
  • No third party can see the ongoing process between you and the other person.
  • Some websites even let you have access through matching your IP address.
  • One can even choose the contacts they want others to see.

Making it simple and things easy for you one can protect the whole profile from any other people or particular contact they want to hide from.

4.    Their firm belief:

The mentors of Muslim marriage sites are genuine Muslims for how they have kept the format and working of their websites. They firmly believe in the laws designed and obligated by Allah, therefore, they always make sure to follow Islamic steps carefully and that none of the laws are violated.

So, Muslims can easily rely on their terms and policy because they believe in doing everything according to the Quran and sunnah. They keep their track right and guide people accordingly.

5.    Creating account:

Creating an account on Muslim marriage sites is very easy because all they require is your basic interests not only as a person but also as a Muslim. They ask for the things which do not open you up and make sure the information is enough for someone to have an overview of you.

There are a few easy steps which if followed, the account creation is successful and one easily enters the world of choosing their partner but again, under the strict environment of shariah.

Success stories:

Many of the Muslim marriage websites have their success stories posted on their website that are not posted by the page controllers but by the people themselves who got married by meeting their someone special through this website.

To keep the internet surfers satisfied with their work, they have mentioned their success stories which are actually posted by the people without even hiding their identities which basically means that these people are confident enough to share their stories with people. Even if somebody asks them tomorrow about their successful marriage, they have authentic information!

The page admins have given their rates and packages for the registration too if one goes into depth for searching to enter any particular website.


Muslim marriage sites are highly recommended for Muslim people are parents who are stuck in places and those areas of the globe where finding a Muslim marriage is becoming a difficulty. As a Muslim, it is required for every Muslim to get married accord to the principles of Islam and follow whatever our deen requires. This creates a little effort but the results are truly a blessing.

Whichever thing, when done in the light of Quranic verses and Allah’s last messenger instructions, always turns out to be a big blessing for the person. These websites have a strong basis for every step according to Islam therefore, they have many successful marriages behind.

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