Beautiful pearls that make a wife special

Women are the basis of a family. It is said that a mother who raises a child is actually responsible for the generations of the family. Also, a woman is the one who can either turn a home into paradise by her good deeds or ruin a palace by her poor behavior. 

As a mother, a woman is blessed with immense rewards by Allah. She is granted paradise under her feet because of the sacrifices she makes being a mother. A woman goes through a lot to keep her children happy and provide them with all the beneficiaries of life.



Her journey begins when she moves from her parent’s home to live with the person she gets married to. The first step she takes makes her a wife of the man with whom she is set as a lifetime partner. Allah’s last messenger said :

“The world is full of treasures, and among them, the best treasure is righteous wife.”
[Sahih Muslim]

 Now here is the ladder that she has to start climbing. The responsibilities on her shoulder are tied with him for her whole life. There are many things she has to face as a wife. It is not just about her behavior with her husband, it is a deal of treating her husband’s whole family. 

There are several things, that if achieved, makes her the most beautiful wife in the eyes of her husband. Let us have a look at the following key points.

1.      Love And Care:

Love is the pillar of every relationship. If we talk about a relationship between husband and wife, then this is the one and only knot which keeps them tied together. As this relationship is not a blood relationship, so, it is required for a wife to show love and most importantly cares for her husband. 

She must stay updated with her husband’s routine, his needs, his timings. This brings both the persons closer and fills the gap between them. 

Moreover, care is a feeling that can easily attract anyone. So, in this relationship, a wife should show intense care towards her husband for her marriage to last forever.

2.      Support Him:

A man faces countless problems in the world he faces out of his house. A house should be a home for him when he comes back being tired and exhausted. Most of the time, he is upset because of his work. 

At that point, all he needs is support from his wife. A woman should behave as a shield for her husband when he is facing problems in his life. She should make him believe that she stands firm with him and not leaves his side when he is at his weakest. 

It is believed that women are emotional but the factual studies show that men and more emotional than women. So, a woman should be the shoulder for her man when he needs it the most.

3.      Listen to Him:

One of the hardest parts of a relationship is to listen to your partner. Especially in the era, we are living, speaking is found way easier than listening. 

A good wife is the one who listens to her husband when he wants to vent out about his depression and anxiety. She should let him speak about all his worries. 

Even when it is about the argument, a wife should not speak when a husband is angry and should stay calm. This is because she never knows what his mental state is. He might be frustrated because of some issues going on and then it all comes out in front of her in some other form. 

Thus,  a good wife should behave as water if her man behaves like a fire. 

This way, the argument will be settled and the husband will realize the importance and calm behavior of his wife too. When the Prophet (PBUH) was asked which woman was the best, he replied: 

“The one who pleases (her husband) when he looks at her, obeys him when he gives a command and does not go against his wishes regarding his person or property doing anything which he disapproves.”

4.      Ask Him:

The feeling of being backed by someone is extremely satisfying. A wife should ask about her husband. Not only when he is at home or somewhere around you, but, also when he is at work. Ask him about his day when he comes back home tired. 

Show him that his day, his tensions and his worries matter to you. This will attach him to you and you will easily have your special place in his heart as a loving and caring wife.

5.      Eat With Him:

It is a very common routine in a couple that the husband arrives late at home due to excess work, often. In such cases, the wife should make sure that she waits for her husband at lunch/dinner. 

Eating together improves the relationship. Not only this, but a wife should cook a meal according to her husband’s choice and eat the food with him. This promotes a healthy relationship between them and increases the respect of a woman in the husband’s heart.

6.      Polite Behavior:

A wife should treat her husband with politeness. She should behave gently with him, talk to him nicely with a smile on her face. The respect between both the partners stay maintained and the husband truly prays for his wife from the bottom of his heart. He then in return, behaves the same way with his wife. Umar Ibn Khattab (RA) stated that:

“If your spouse is angry you should be calm. When one is a fire the other should be water.”

7.      Respect His Family:

After money, the only thing earned is respect. In order to get respect, you have to invest something. That ‘something’ here is the respect itself. In a relationship of wife and husband, the wife shall respect the husband’s family. She should treat them with care and love. She should not show them dislike ness or irritating behavior. 

If bad behavior is followed, it results in the destruction of her relationship with her husband. Therefore, to gain his respect, a wife shall respect his family.

8.      Do His Work:

It is the responsibility of a wife to take care of each and everything of her husband. She is ought to comfort him with his necessities and needs. She must be known to the things he requires and keeps them up to date so that the husband does not face any hurdle later. 

The more she keeps herself indulged in his chores, the more he cares for his wife in return. He needs attention which if received, can make him the best husband.

9.      Accept His Flaws:

The husband might not be the perfect one for his wife and his interests may not match all of his wife’s. That is the time when a woman has to prove herself as the best wife. She should accept him the way he is and try to be compatible with his thoughts. 

Not only this, a wife should be enough big-hearted that she ignores her husband’s flaws and have a strong belief in the fact that nobody is perfect. It is stated in the Quran :

“They (your wives) are your garment and you are a garment for them.”
[Quran 2:187]

10. Be His Helping Hand:

There are times in life when a man, as a husband, is not capable of fulfilling his duties that he is obliged to do as a financier. At this point in life, a wife should prove to be safe for him. She should run the households in such a way that he never feels upset about the setback. 

Also, if she is capable then she should help him by becoming his supporter and invest in their home and family.

These were some basic tips which if a woman fulfills, can become a special wife. A husband needs his wife to be understanding and supportive in every way. By obeying the above-mentioned ways, a woman can tell her husband about the unconditional love and respect she has for him without even saying it. 

These tips will help a wife get closer to her husband and in return, she will be rewarded with her husband’s care and honesty. All a husband looks in his wife is care and the way she raises his children. As a wife, this is also a huge responsibility for a woman to take care of his children and feed them the best. 

Everything that he earns belongs to his children. A wife should make sure that along with taking care of her husband, in every way, she equally or even more than that, looks after his children and provide them with all the comfort.

It is true that the children are here’s too and also that being a mother she goes through really tough decisions of life for her child(s), but, being a wife, she has to make sure that she keeps the children close to their father because he is busy earning for them. He is busy in the hustle-bustle of life. 

Children often don’t realize the importance of a father because they don’t spend time with him. It is a mother’s and a wife’s responsibility to deal with them in such a way that they always see their father as a hero, their hero.

When a wife fulfills all her responsibilities and treats her husband in a modest way, not only her husband becomes happy but even Allah has promised beautiful rewards for her. To become a loving wife means to make the hereafter a blessing. 

A wife should always keep in mind that the person Allah has told to bow after Him is the husband. This is the importance a husband holds in Islam. Therefore, a wife should always keep her husband before everything and list him as her first priority.

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