Take Care of Your Spouse’s Health; Keep Worries Away

Take Care of Your Spouse’s Health- Keep Worries Away


Some young men, who are immature, selfish, strict towards their wives and acting as a puppet to their mothers & sisters, can give nothing to their wives except fake love and apparent sympathy; these are the men who are a cause to make their wives sick.

Fed-Up of Her Ailment:

Huge amount of money is spent on the treatment and these husbands held their wives responsible for the expenditure. These husbands are so cruel that when they visit some religious scholar for advice or Fatwa (a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority), they utter in a gloomy voice, ‘Respected Sir, why this ill spouse was written for me, I am fed up of her ailment and it’s treatment. Kindly, give me some amulet etc. Advise me, what should I do now. I have taken her to many renowned allopathic doctors, have given her herbal and homeopathic medicines as well, but of no use’.

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 You are YOURSELF, the Root Cause:

 If you ponder upon:

  • The circumstances she faces at home
  • How your mother, sisters and other women at home add fuel to the fire
  • Beating the kids
  • The mutual disagreements
  • Your temperament while you talk to your partner occasionally

Think deeply about above state of affairs and you will come to know that you are yourself the reason; to make her unwell, to turn a gorgeous lady of twenty-five into a woman of fifty, to weaken and indispose a strong beautiful woman and convert a lady as charming and attractive as flowers in pale yellow withered leaves.

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Not Rendering Attention and Love to Your Spouse:

If you take evidence from justice & equality, or bring reasons from intelligence, or consider experience and wisdom, or take advice from a sincere and wise friend, or consult an experienced practitioner of Eastern medicine, you will be proved solely responsible to her condition.

This is also a fact that if:

  • Love is poured in youth & health; they last longer, keeping away the ripeness.
  • Love is a great healing power for many serious and dangerous diseases.
  • Affection protects the person from becoming old before time
  • Cowardliness, fear, anxiety, and nervousness keep away from the people who are bestowed with love.


Remember, even animals/beasts are incomplete without love. Hajjaj Bin Yousaf (An extremely capable though ruthless Governor of Iraq) was once asked,

‘If he had to do any struggle to keep his wife contended’.

It is said about this brutal man that if all the nations bring their pitiless men, and we present Hajjaj, then he will dominate all the others in competition! In response, the ruthless man said, ‘Yes, to convince my wife, I have to even kiss her feet’.

Consequences of Successful Marriage:

A lay man who is not suffering from any psychological disorder, and is quite aware of the tactics of his sisters and brother’s wives; he must easily understand, that, A marriage is considered compatible, fruitful, full of love & affection and satisfying for both, only when the experience of their relationship has underneath results;


  • Depicts true sentiments
  • Full of love and affection
  • Willing to forgive each other for the sake of Allah
  • Are in a habit of only considering the goodness in each other
  • Believe in the saying that,

‘Allah has given you one eye to behold the virtue in others and the other eye is to witness your own deficiencies’.

Even if love does not develop immediately after marriage, still the couple acts patiently and wisely, no matter what difficulty is being face. They have faith that if Allah wills, He will transform them into two entities and one soul, provided that no third person is allowed to create mess in their affairs.

God forbidden, if the above attitude is not adopted, then:

  • It is natural that a marriage’s happiness and taste will fade away.
  • Both of them will suffer from anxiety, dissatisfaction, unrest, annoyance, and will develop frustrated murmuring.
  • Wife suffers from psychological disorders, requiring serious treatment
  • Especially, if one has limited income then great complications are developed
  • Particularly, those women who are not allowed to visit their parent’s home frequently and because of the in-laws, they are also unable to connect with her parents over phone.

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Such patients suffer internally and are not able to share their problem with anyone else. Gradually, this pressure weakens their heart, mind, nerves, body and soul as well. No medicine proves effective for these declined nerves, body & soul and patient’s life becomes quite deteriorated.

Various diseases are developed because of not trusting the spouse, intimacy difficulties, and non-cooperation; a happy marriage life is converted to displeasing relation. Sometimes the husband suffers from these ailments and at the other wife is a victim to them.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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