Which Woman Is Beautiful?

Which Woman Is Beautiful_

The Standard of Beauty In The Eyes Of Arabs:




According to Arabs a beautiful woman is not the one whom a man sees for once and falls for her but when he is near her, her manners are not good. Infact, a beautiful wife is the one


The more you see her (and in whatever state or from whatever angle you see her) her beauty continues to increase.


This means that whether it’s the state of poverty or state of wealth she always has a smile on her lips.


She serves as motivation for her husband and always stays by his side through thick and thin. May Allah bless every Muslim wife with such beauty.


A young lady once asked an old woman who was very beautiful and attractive:

“Lady, what have you used for enhancing your beauty? Your face is always glowing because of it.”

Confessions of an Enlightened Soul – How I Changed

The old lady said:

“Daughter! I always applied the lipstick of truth on my lips, kept my tongue busy in praising Allah, I refrained from watching the things Allah abstained me from and I put the henna of gratitude on my body ( I learned to give others and receive only from Allah, giving others, feeding others first and then yourself is the true spirit of being a Muslim.) and applied the powder of perseverance to my deeds, I loved Allah, and I prefered wisdom and foresightedness over my intellect, and bound my Nafs to obedience, and I fulfilled my every wish with the thought that Allah is watching.”


Read it again and again carefully and pray to Allah that:

“Oh Allah! Bless me and my fellow Muslim sisters the way you blessed that old lady and bless us all with the same qualities as her. Amen.”

Beauty And Obedience:

Revive The Forgotten Sunnah, Come Home With Smiling Face!

Remember, the biggest reason behind appearing beautiful is obedience. The obedience of husband should be a part of wife’s nature because husband is the one who works hard for her day and night, his rights are far greater. Therefore, his obedience is must in the deeds of betterment.


Advice For Muslim Women:


That is why Hazrat Ayesha always advised women regarding their husbands thaa:

“Oh the group of women! If you knew the rights of your husbands you would have cleaned the dust on their feet with your cheeks.”


Attracting Love To Married Life:


Obedience will make a woman more and more beautiful. Obedience will attract love. Woman is all about love and if a house is drenched in love and respect, it will bring happiness to the woman as well. It’s not possible that a woman gives all her love to her husband and children, cries for them, cares for them and gets nothing in return. A man gets happy because of his wife’s obedience, when the smile of his wife decorates her lips like a string of pearls, when he looks at her eyes and sees there the warmth of love.

 Do Not Consider Your Wife Your Student

            The responsibility of maintaining this love in the air lies on the weak shoulders of a woman because woman women are more strong willed than men when it comes to love.


Secret Of A Woman’s Beauty:


The secret of a woman’s beauty lies in the obedience of her husband. The more she will obey him the more beautiful she will appear to him because although a woman has the power of love but she is helpless in front of a man. Her weakness is obvious, sooner or later she has to give up and obey him.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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  1. As Salaam Walaikum what is the law in islam on muslim husbands addicted to porn and oral sex and cheating with sex workers physically and verbally. And lying all the time. What are the rights of a wife in this case. Jazakallah

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