Just to strengthen your relation here are some basic advises which will surely aid in pursuing beauty in your married life and building a peaceful home and family.


Organize your husband’s belongings and stuff in order and with care. Bedrooms should not be untidy especially beds should remain neat, clean and crease free throughout the day. Change the pillow covers and bed sheets twice a week. Do not wait for your husband or any other family member to point it out.

Spruce up your wardrobes and cupboards. Make sure very drawer is free of mess and useless things. Curtains must be cleaned once in a month or may be more. Every corner of the room should be either well decorated or free but mopped properly because no matter how much you keep your room clean, if corners are untidy it will give a messy look overall.

Try scouring each and everything thoroughly after few days apart from the regular daily cleaning. Be very conscious about washrooms. Get them scrubbed or do it yourself daily. Keep the mirror and vanity flawless and surfaces mopped. Same goes with the rest of your home. Keep the kitchen and other rooms tidy and cleaned. Keep the thing called LAZINESS out of life. One more thing large houses are not the symbol of beauty. If you know how to decorate well and organize everything then a small house can definitely stand out.

5 Ways to earn your husband’s respect


You spent your whole day tiding up your home, cleaning your households, washing or cooking etc and yet you yourself looking messy and disorganized especially at the time of your husband’s arrival at home. Now husbands do want the surrounding clean but they also want you to be organized as well and that is how they are. So spare few minutes from household activities and give yourself that time.



If you were chosen by your parents in law then prove their decision right. Treat them as they are your own parents and make them feel that they are blessed with the best daughter in law. Give them the same respect, care and love you would like to have from your own daughter without thinking of anything in return.

Aid them in their activities, listen to them carefully when they are telling you something, show some respect and that’s all they need from you.


“The one who does not respect the elders and does not show leniency towards the younger is not one of us.”


If you are a professional lady still your family should be prior to everything. It’s hard though but not impossible. Including above all mentioned points here comes the one which is the most significant. Stay strong headed. Take your children’s training the most important mission of your life. Look after them and keep an eye on their activities, behavior, company, academics and also train them well as the future of an entire new generation is in your hands.

Please do not hand over your children to the governesses and feel free from your responsibilities. Remember! Infants and children are like seeds and their growth, nourishment, care hence each and everything comes on the shoulders of their parents. This is what kids desires and It is their right otherwise they will have to deal with many psychological complexes and behavioral issues as well. So spend a good quality time and nurture them well no matter how rich or busy you are.


Lastly, if you desire exemplary home and family you need to struggle a lot for it. Stay focused on the core subjects. Strengthen your own character first and then transfer your good traits to your generation and other family member not by only telling them what they should do but by showing them via implementing on it for sake if you want someone to quit backbiting as it ruins the peace and is forbidden in Islam too then you should check your own credibility first.

Correct yourself if you are not and then on right time give explanation directly about it in the light of Quran and Hadith or let them know it indirectly if that is convenient for you and then let that person think over it and analyze himself. Arguing and debate will only ruin everything.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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