Utmost Responsibility of a Woman

Utmost Responsibility of a Woman




A mother’s greatest job is to look after her children and to groom them well. Allah has given this huge responsibility to the mother. Birth is the first step to the existence of this world, if it seizes, so will the life in this world. But the purpose of a women’s life do not just end here, in fact it is after the birth of a child that the real duties began!

It is the obligation of both mother & father to bring up the child, but the set customs in our society are such that it becomes the responsibility of mother solely to fulfill all the responsibilities of children. Also, there is a bound established by nature, between the mother and the child that immediately after his birth he searches for his mother and gets nourishment from her. This is why she should be very careful and must pay full attention to nurture them.

Requisites of Brought-Up:

Raising a child does not only include, feeding him or provision of delicate and exquisite clothes. Instead, a child’s brought up actually requires;

  • His heart & mind should be well-groomed
  • Should mould all of his activities to comply with the laws of Islam
  • Cultivate his moral ethics and habits
  • Guide his great courage and vigorous emotions to the path of virtue that leads him to success
  • Should tough him rules for a healthy living

Significance of Proper Grooming:

Appropriate training, counseling and proper guidance will have below mentioned changes in your child’s personality:

  • He will be proficient enough to face and fight the trials of life
  • His moral values will be so high that he proves himself to be a useful member of the human society

A child’s life is just a plain unwritten book, if mother intends, she can make it enchanting by drawing beautiful flowers (means training him well) or make it repulsive by irregular pattern of lines. This is

MOTHER who holds a child’s future in her hands.

Because a girl or a boy are mother and father of future, and can train their children well only if they are themselves guided with care & attention.

Future of the Nation:

By the above discussion, it is hence concluded that a woman is responsible to groom or spoil a nation. A woman turned out to be successful in her life, and achieves the objective of her life, who brings up her youngster by virtuous coaching. And the one who do not pay a heed to groom her kids, it means she has ruined her children. This damage is not only to her children but entire generation is spifflicated and she has not accomplished her duty which Allah has given her.

It is because of women that world is enlightened. Without the presence of women, the globe would be desolated.

The Creator of the Heavens & the Earth requires from female:

  • To bring forth for Him, exceptional and intelligent children
  • Should give them such excellent training that they may prove themselves to be fruitful for the country and the nation.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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