A letter to Mother in law, from a sister !!!

A letter to Mother in law from a sister !!!

Dear mother in law,
Please stop blaming every wrong doing of your son on me.
Don’t defame me if he does something wrong, its your child you bought him up its your upbringing.
Yes, I got pregnant immediately after marriage. You should thank Allah for it. You will be getting a grandchild soon. Please don’t look or gossip that being pregnant so early i made mistake. Yes, midway through pregnancy i don’t know how things went wrong & why i have trouble with it. Yes, I was advised strict complete bed rest( only to sit while eating food & get up while using washroom) but believe me i can still work & complete household chores but for the sake of my child i fear something again will happen.
Please do understand. If you can’t take care of me when i am ill or advised bed rest at least stop backbiting that i can’t work & how i don’t help in work common i have been advised rest for the sake of my unborn child, i am not doing it on purpose I am already undergoing a lot of stress since I am unwell hearing u lie things about me doesn’t help.
Don’t be Jealous if ur son asks me about my day( did i have food, how’s health), he asks u too so what’s the big deal if he asks his wife. Don’t make a fuss about it..
Yes, i know how hard was your time when you were pregnant. How hard you use to work & how it still didn’t effect. Say “Allhamdulilah” instead. You are lucky it didn’t affect you but yes that doesn’t mean i am unlucky. I am lucky to be pregnant but facing difficulties.
Please stop blabbering about it even your son has started questioning me about it that is there something wrong with you how come you are advised bed rest.
Please stop complaining to your son about i have become least helpful in work. Stop playing politics when you know i help you in work( even though i shouldn’t get up from bed) and when its time for your son to come you advise me to go rest so that he doesn’t know. My hubby also has stopped believing me & has started questioning me.
Things are not good between us now.
Still i pretend to smile & be happy but deep down i am broken.
I have so much more to say but I will say one last thing your son listen & acts according to his will, Please stop blaming me for whatever he says to u. Give your Child some credit. Afterall he acts the way you act.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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