Queen Of The House

Queen Of The House

Queen Of The House

Wife is the one who makes the home heaven or hell. She is the queen of the house.

Hazrat Omer said that:



“A man should be like a child to his family and if he is demanded he proves himself  like a man.”

Once upon a time, a man in the era of farooqi caliphate came to complain about his long-tongued wife. When he reached the door of Omerرضي الله عنه, he heard that Omer’sرضي الله عنه wife is talking in a bad manner but Omerرضي الله عنه is quiet. That man thought that caliph himself is cooping up with the same problem. He was about to go back when Omerرضي الله عنه sent for him and asked: “What is the matter”.

He replied that “I brought a complaint of my wife when I see your wife is doing the same then I decided to go back.”

On this Hazrat Omerرضي الله عنه said that,

 “I neglect this behavior because of the rights she has over me. First of all,  she is the blockage for me to hell and contentment to the heart, secondly she takes care of  my honor and wealth in my absence, third she does the laundry fourth she is the caretaker of my kids, fifth  she cooks for me.”

On hearing  this that man said:

 “The same dealing is with me too when a person like you ignores this behavior then why can’t me.”

Once Hazrat Sahsahaرضي الله عنه said to Hazrat Muawiaرضي الله عنه

“How could we think of you as a wise person when you can be oppressed by a half man.”                                                                                                                                                               (this is the point out towards his wife who oppressed him on domestic affairs) then the Caliph of the Muslims said:

                 “A woman can oppressed the decent man whereas women get suppressed By the sordid one.”


These are the few reflections to get the idea that the man of “the golden Islamic era” was very articulate and capable but lovable and kind for the family. They were not impulsive or short-tempered or suppressive but they were oppressed with the wives because the woman is the queen of the house, it’s her territory.

She must not be the opponent in a field that a man wrestles and tries to let her down. The pride lies in her airs she wants to be catered and she has the right for sure to be pampered because she is the one who takes care of the man and his family, raises his children, she takes care of their training too.  Above all, she is feeble then a man should treat the weak humbly, the king should flatter his queen and a father should love the mother of his kids.

Friends let’s make a promise that we will keep the Sunnah of Messenger alive regarding our domestic issues like the companions of Messenger will take care of our wives and pamper them will ignore the petty issues as per the saying of Hazrat Omer,رضي الله عنه

“Wives are the blossom flowers and flowers are soft and can wilt with the small carelessness.”

Now, attention ladies this is very important for you to keep it in mind that the queen must have a crown and she should know how to maintain her position she should not always take a test of her husband and should not demand to be flattered every time because every Muslim is answerable to Allah.

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