How to be the best husband

How to be the Best Husband

How to be the Best Husband

Here are some tips for how to be the best husband. We hope that these tips will help you to love your wife more and will help you to be the best husband for your wife

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) said,




“The best of you is he who is best to his ‘ahl’ (wives, children, family), and I am the best among you to my ‘ahl’”


Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 3252, Narrated by Aisha; Abdullah ibn Abbas


  1. Talk to her & Listen to her


Women are communicators, they want to talk and they want someone to listen to them as well. They also love it when people open up to them and share about them frankly and wholeheartedly. Bad communication means bad marriage. Communication should be open, comfortable and friendly.

When your wife share her feelings, pay attention to her. Never disregard her feelings no matter how silly they may seem to you. Women are very sensitive and it is important for them that their husbands actually care about how they feel. Try to understand her, especially during her most vulnerable moments.


  1. Praise her often


Women are admiration-lovers! It could make their day. Praise your wife‘s beauty, cooking skills, her home making skills, other talents, her efforts in general. Men often complain when the house gets dirty but they don’t even notice when it is cleaned. How is this fair? Men observe, but they ignore and do not consider it necessary to praise her effort. If you appreciate her, she will do it often. Be grateful to her too! Dear best Husband, Your wife is selflessly working day and night to serve you meals, clean your home and take care of your children. The least you can do is to appreciate her. Also, praise her in front of others, in front of her relatives and in presence of your relatives. This gives her a boost in self-confidence and sense of security.


  1. Don’t put her down


Don’t disregard her work, by putting her down, by comparing her with your mother, your sisters, sisters-in-law, your friend’s wives etc. Never compare! Is there a competition? No, she is just trying to please her Lord and you, by doing what she can do best.


  1. Give her gifts


Even if you give her complete access to your salary and let her spend from it as she desires, do try to give her a gift now and then to show care. She doesn’t want anything expensive. Her favourite chocolates, flowers, cards, a letter, a thank you note, a sweet text or email. These things will melt her heart and she will reciprocate with more.


  1. Help her with chores


This goes without saying. Do your own work as much as possible and help her on weekends to lighten her load. Don’t make her feel that she has been reduced to a maid after her marriage with you.


  1. Give her quality time


Try to spend with her as much time as you can.  Don’t be glued to your phones and laptops. Don’t make her feel that you would rather be with your gadgets, than with her. Show your excitement about spending time with her. Plan activities and outings with family.


  1. Be selective in your words while angry


Be very, very careful with your words when you are angry. Women are sensitive and have strong memories. They will remember your hurtful, spiteful words all their life. They will never be able to forget the harsh words that you unconsciously use. They keep remembering it and cry over it again and again making them a cause of depression. They take things very seriously, so be very careful with the selection of your words.


  1. Apologize


Sometimes, things go out of control and you shoot out venomous words. But a sensitive, kind man will immediately offer apology and take back his words. The apology should be heartfelt and sincere and he must show in his actions, that, he deeply and truly regrets the words spoken.

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  1. Speak affectionately


Speak words of love often, it could be “I love you“, “I miss you“, “You are the best thing that happened to me“, “You make me happy“, “Thank you for everything“, “You are amazing” etc. Any sweet words, full of love and affection are must and should be regularly uttered. How difficult it is to say these words? Please, don’t say that my actions should be enough, she should understand my love from my loving, caring and helpful behaviour towards her. Yes, that is important but women are “word beings”, they NEED words. They will feel your love more when you put them in words. No matter how good you are to her, absence of loving words will create a void in her heart that will prevent her from understanding your love.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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