How a Muslim Wife Should Support her Husband in Hard Phases

How a Muslim Wife Should Support her Husband in Hard Phases

How a Muslim Wife Should Support her Husband in Hard Phases

Stand by His Side.

Life has got challenges throughout but as a Muslimah you got to be strong always and ensure that no matter what happens you will be by your partner’s side.

Allah tells us that;



We have certainly created man into hardship 90:4.

Bear with patience whatever befalls you 31:17x.


Pray for Him

When Allah loves a believer, He tests him, therefore pray to Allah,so He may grant him strength and courage.


And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but good tidings to the patient. Surat Baqarah 2:155


Praying with him is also vital that is wake me up in the night and pray to Allah together.

Do Not Complain

One of the characteristics of the believers is that they praise Allah in all the situations. Therefore, be courageous and keep strong hope in your heart,  but do not complain about the difficulties you’re in or what you are going through.


Propose Some Ideas to Solve the Problem

A creative Muslimah is one every man wishes to marry, do mind storming to suggest possible means as how you can get the problem solved. Do not give up if option one fails, try to come up with as many proposals as possible, to enable him realize that you are part of what he is going through and is equally concerned about his trials.

Give Him Time

Quality time among loved ones is very crucial and very important especially if one of the parties is going through hard times.

This is when your husband needs you most, take care of him don’t grieve too because of what you’re facing. Trust Allah He is Al Azeez (The Almighty).


Cheer Him up

Here I mean play with him, make him smile, try to lessen the burdens of his heart. Smiling to your fellow Muslim is Sunnah, imagine smiling to your soul mate you don’t only get rewards but you also enjoy it as wife.


May Allah grant ease to all the couples who are going through difficulties. Aameen

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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