He can never win her heart and her love through unwanted strictness


He can never win her heart and her love through unwanted strictness

Tyrant and narrow minded man can only give orders and know how to rule over the life of their wife. Nevertheless, he can never win her heart and her love through unwanted strictness

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2 thoughts on “He can never win her heart and her love through unwanted strictness”

  1. A/Salam
    Plz help me I am in big trouble my wife always leave my home without my permission. And stay with her parents I love her lot’s and she knows and took undue advantage of my love and now she uses my 3 yeas girl she leaves me from 45 days. I tried my best for reconcile but she is not coming back and her mother made some fasel allegations on me which my wife knows is not correct and her mother disrespect me in front of my wife. Before 10 days back I meant an minor accident and I was in hospital my wife come to see me for formality and I tell her I need u plz come home but she refused.acctuley my relation is not so good with her mother because she always disrespect me and always add fuel when my wife leaves, actually my wife expect from me to sport her parents’ financial which I can’t do
    Know she leaves me with my child and when I tried to reconcile they made dirty allegations on me and my mother , my wife does not care about house keeping , and her parents always interfere in my married life pkz help me

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