Husband's Criticism

Husband’s Criticism

Husband’s Criticism

A man had a habit to criticize everything about his wife. Husband’s criticism makes his wife depressive. For instance, if she had cooked vegetables he would ask for the meat. If he found meat for the meal he would suggest that vegetables would do better. There was not a single thing that he would not be opposed to. One night he said to his wife:

I want an egg for the breakfast”



And went to sleep.

In the morning the wife thought,” if  I fry an egg he would say I wanted an omelette, and if I made an omelette he would ask for the fried egg.”

She took two eggs and made an omelette with one egg and fried another egg. Wife thought that “I will leave him with no chance of criticizing.” and served the breakfast.

When the husband laid his eyes on the breakfast he held his head in both of his hands and kept on thinking that what offence he might take to. Wife went to the kitchen. Suddenly she heard her husband’s thunderous voice.

He was calling her that;

“Come here right away.”

She asked:

“What happened today now?”

Husband replied:

When would you learn something, an egg that you fried should be an omelette and the one you made an omelette with, would be good if fried.”

Husbands should not always do criticism for his wife. They should also appreciate them for their all day work without any off. Wife is not a machine husband should help his wife in home chores.

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