30 Activities For The Kids

30 Activities For The Kids

There are 30 activities for the kids to be enjoyed during the month of holy Ramadan as the fasting season is around the corner with this blazing summer so why not we get prepared for our kids with some steamy activities.

1 Welcome the crescent :

When we want to celebrate something we usually start with the end in our mind and Islam is the religion which guides us from the beginning till the end so here is the dua for the sighting of the crescent of Ramadan.


My Lord and your Lord are Allah, the Lord of the worlds. O Allah for us let this month be a period of peace, faith safety and total submission to Thy will; make us walk apace swiftly to that which Thou likes and approves. O Allah pours out many blessings on us in this month, make available for us its generous good and assistance, and keep us safe from the harm, evil, misfortune and mischief that may try to trap us in this month.


2 Review the base of Islam:


Islam is the religion with accuracy and perfection it has its distinct paradigm and explanation which suits the human psychology to be convinced. The pillars which strengthen the infrastructure of the building are the most basic and important aspect. Islam has its pillars to let us know about the base of the structure of the religion Islam. When Ramadan is nearby it would be a nice idea to review once again about the basics of Islam to rejuvenate our zeal and zest towards Ramadan Kareem.


3 Good deeds calendar:


If we design a calendar for kids especially for Ramadan, it will help them maintain the discipline and can work as a reminder for the good deeds. Let’s say, make a day with one good deed, it will be easier to catch up with the shifts of moods during fast without forgetting about the good deeds in this holy month. Kids will have a target to do at least thirty or twenty-nine good deeds which will keep them refreshed and enthusiastic each new morning.


4 Specify the prayer area:


This is gonna work when children know that we have our own area to offer prayers and where they can keep their rosary or praying mats and books related to duas. They can make their own praying mats with whatever material you got at your home. Just make it simple and presentable. Ask kids to decorate or choose the colour for their mats. Keep their caps or scarves in this specific area as well.

5 Sadaqa jar:


Charity can be a way to open your heart to be selfless, it enhances the demand for getting Allah’s nearness and upgrade the thinking to be more and more engrossed in doing good deeds. It has its enormous significance even in usual days and in Ramadan it becomes vital. If we want eagerness towards sadaqa in the kids, make one container or purse or a bag for the money that will go in sadaqa, or take an empty jar, ask kids to decorate it with buttons or stickers and write sadaqa jar on it. It highlights the thought of giving charity just by setting it  in the corner of the room.


6 Islamic history:


One more interesting activity could be to explore the history of Islam regarding Ramadan. What were the important events and incidents took place during Ramadan in the history? It is beneficial for you and children to become keen to know about the people of the past era that how they used to celebrate and experience Ramadan.  We can open the books related to seerah that Badar war took place in the same month which will fill the kids with the strengths of faith.


7 Learning duas:


Little duas that are told in Quran can be learnt on daily basis. Take one dua and say it for next three-four days, it will help in memorization and with that try to understand its meaning too. In Ramadan chances to sit and talk about religion are usually high as transmission on the TV is in the favour too.


8 Learn new short ayats:

Usually, we recite the same ayats in our prayers but this is the high time to go through what you recite and make it a competition in learning new ayats and reciting in prayers. Each Ramadan if you and your kids practise this you will definitely end up in learning a number of ayats of the Quran and who knows it becomes their habit and when they grow up they are ready to learn bigger ayats.

9 Learn about the phases of the moon:


Each day when we are getting closer towards the increasing dates of the moon, the moon becomes distinct and wider. Here goes another new chapter of learning about the phases of the moon, we can ask the kids to get some information about the changes in the moon’s shape and what other changes they observe in the moon. After Ramadan when kids look at the moon they would remember the nights of Ramadan and their eyes would glisten with happiness.


10 Enlight the benefits of Ramadan:


When Allah is ordering Muslims to fast during the month of Ramadan then there must be its benefits. It is very important to tell children about the importance of fast and the reward that a fasting Muslim will have on the day of resurrection. Moreover, how it helps a person to remain humane when sees a beggar asking for a piece of bread it ensures that feeding is the best charity only when you fast.


11 The connection between Ramadan and the Quran:


Importance of Ramadan is endless when we come to the fact that the Quran was

descended on earth in this holy. Children will be happier to recite the Quran in the same month of its existence. Translation is also very necessary to some part of it after recitation.


12 Taraweeh:


Telling kids that Taraweeh is another form of ibadah precisely in Ramadan. For this make their praying mats decorated and embellished with stars and moons with sequins or sparkling objects. Just make sure they are happy while offering at least two units of prayers so that they have an idea of passing their time more with the remembrance of Allah.


13 Iftar party:


Kids are fond of parties and get together and iftar party always brings a smile to the faces of adults, too. Make it simple and meaningful. You can call all the friends of your kids at your place and make it a “one dish party” so that no one is hassled when it comes mentioning about iftar party. In this way, kids can have several iftar parties where they would definitely talk about their style of ibadah in Ramadan and new ways of connecting to Allah will come in to picture.

14 Easy access to tahajjud:

When we have to be up before fajr in order to have timely suhoor, just getting up few minutes before can acknowledge us with the taste of tahajjud. Children want to deal with the unique timetable going on and if they see that few units of prayers are being offered before suhoor lead us comparatively near to Jannah, they will sometime try to get in touch with this new dimension of ibada. Here it is worth mention that children should do this with interest and not out of oppression because it is not farz.


15 Dua for every ten days:


Tell children that Ramadan is the month in which every good deed will be rewarded much more than usual days of the year so we are told to recite three special duas each specified for every ten days of the Ramadan. The learning, recitation and understanding of these short duas are necessary and make them realize that they are bonded with the same string of ibadah even if they are too young to have a fast.


16 Light up the house:


After completion of each ashra or ten days, re-do the house with small lights or candles so that children would know that we have accomplished with something great importance and its worth to celebrate.


17 The Sunnah of aitekaaf:


Just to get them a nice feel of aitekaaf , take a big carton and make a small house or masjid out of it. The door must be this much taller that children can go in and come out of it easily while kneeling down. Keep their rosary and mats or books, caps or scarves inside. So they can know that focus in ibadah is the spirit o Islam.


18 Duas for breaking and keeping the fast:


Kids will memorize themselves if they are just listening to you reciting duas while breaking or keeping the fast. When they are big enough to keep a fast they will know the duas already.

19 Ayats about fast:


Open up the Quran and tell children that it’s not only the Muslims of this era that is dealing with the hardships of Ramadan. The people before us and with fewer luxuries were assigned too. It is the privileged ibadah and we are fortunate to have it once again.


20  Fast and our bodies:


This ibadah is mandatory because it has benefits for the human body. It helps us in maintaining our diet and energize the immune system. It exercises our gastric organs to function properly with less burden. We can explain to our kids that our body has our rights over us. Allah will ask us about it so keep it clean and in better shape.


21 Ramadan and the neighbourhood:


In the Muslim country, it is a nice feeling that every house has changed its routine for the sake of Ramadan. When you get up for suhoor your neighbours are up and when you are preparing iftar you can feel the same activity around your house too. You can show the kids that unity is the essence of this month.


22 Iftar sharing:


Share some iftar with the neighbours. Ask your kids to set a platter for your neighbour, kids are more than happy with this.

23 Ramadan globally:


Tell your kids that this time what might be happening in other Muslim countries. What are the people at Makkah or medina doing? How are they passing heir Ramadan?


24 The longest and shortest fast:


Children will be very exciting to know that which country has the longest fast and where is the shortest fast going on. In this way, they would come to know about geography too.


25 Resolution in Ramadan:


This month is about to recreate our habits. so discuss with kids that you will try to omit any bad habit that you find irritable then children will come up with their image of a perfect Muslim and will follow in your footsteps.


26 Eid preparation:


Here comes the time when eid is near and children are merrily planning for the eid. Tell them that it is the fruit of Ramadan. And when you keep all the facts then its the most enjoyable moment for the Muslim to celebrate Eid. So children will have a hidden wish to reach to this stature once they are able to it.


27 Setting for the eid:


Redecorate your home just by changing the setting of furniture, clean and polish, dust and locate, trim or buy a new one if you can or else mere shift in the order can bring a new feel for the kids.


28 Eid days schedule:

Make a schedule with the kids for the primary three days of eid, when relatives can come to your place and you will visit them and have the kind gesture of eidi which is the most enjoyable and memorable thing for the kids.


29 Henna hands:


Girls alert! It’s time to apply henna on your hands little girls with little hands and lots of laughter and happiness can fill you with immense pleasure.


30 Eid ul Fitr:


The time has come to enjoy all the plans and food on this auspicious day of Eid. One should always remind their kids that Allah made this day so special and happier just because of the Ramadan. Wave this holy month with the heavy heart and hope for the next Ramadan to be more spiritual and rewarding.

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