In honor of our guest , Ramadan

In honor of our guest , Ramadan

Glory be to Allah! Once again Ramadan, the month of bounties and blessings is on its way to cast it’s magnanimous shadow upon us.




With rejuvenated faith and zeal let’s welcome this sacred month of Ramadan. Keep a firm belief that the more honor you give and the more good deeds you do, the more rewarding this month will prove for you. So much so that your soul will sparkle with purity and life will simmer with endless blessings.

Let’s make a solemn pledge to fulfil this month with utmost responsibility, piety and benevolence.


First of all, be grateful that Allah has provided you with yet another opportunity of availing the blessings of Ramadan. Being grateful completes half of your deen and a grateful person is always the best candidate for increments in blessings and incentives.


As Muslims, we know that intention is the essence of any deed, and niyya/intention is what we begin any deed with. So my dear muslim sisters and brothers, as soon as you see the crescent of the Holy month, make a resolution to make the most of this month in the form of good deeds and piety. Involving not just yourself but also your family, specifically the children. Involve them in the pious deeds of charity, good conduct and practicing ibaadah and patience.


You can keep a daily session before iftar or seher to read out a few verses of the Holy Quran and hadith for the family with active participation from the kids. Give the kids easy tasks like giving charity to the poor with their pocket money or helping their elders in household chores. Narrate to them the stories of the Prophets and their simple lives explaining the moral of the story at the end. This will compel the children to actively participate in good deeds willingly. To generate this valor for piety and benevolence should be a common target for the whole ummah.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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