My Daughter-My Daughter Is My Pride

My daughter is my pride

My daughter is my pride

A few days back my daughter received an unfamiliar call on her cell. She received the call thinking that it might be one of her friend or relative but it was a guy she does not know so she said “the wrong number” and disconnected. After that day the calls and messages were never stopped. She never received a call but read the messages. Her name was asked, insisted on picking the call,  praised her voice and passed the information about himself. Instead of not replying, she was continuously getting the calls and messages.

This was all new for Iffat. A new feeling in such little age which she could not able to understand.



What if I send a message too, asking that who are you? why are you sending messages? At the 3 O’clock in the night, she thought so. She erased a message after writing for so many times. she was in a dilemma. Someone is restless just to talk to her. This realization is so pleasant.

Anyhow she wrote a message that who he is and why he wants to talk to her in the middle of the night. One message will not make a difference and that s OK. she thought so.

She was about to send the message when a face flashed onto the screen of her mind that “my daughter is my pride”

This one sentence her father says when he kissed her forehead. She felt ill.

when daughters walk with their heads down with the decency only then their father and brothers walk with the heads high with the dignity.”

This is the phrase that father says with the love and affection, skipped her heartbeat.  When the mother tells her father that he is too appraising her he replies particularly that” Iffat is the pride of her father.”

And always she feels so blessed on this particular statement.

She felt so numb. She struggled to get up from the bed. Drenched with perspiration, went to the balcony.

My daughter is my pride.”

“My daughter is my honor.”

My daughter is very brave.”

The words of a father were still echoed.

Yes, my father, I am not feeble. I will never let you down. In sha Allah.

Your Iffat will never let your pride go in vain InshaAllah.I will never break your trust. I will never take your love for granted.

She kept on whispering and her face was getting wet with the tears.



She took a relieved breath after blocking that number. She started to look at the sky. The horizon was about to lighten up with the sunlight. When she looked at the courtyard, her father was praying with the lifted hands after offering the midnight salah.

When a father is asking for the safety of the daughter’s respect from Almighty Allah how come it is possible that the daughter is not granted from the sins. At that time she adored her father even more. She asked for his longevity and went for the ablution.



Unfamiliar calls are the trap of the Satan which is often used to catch the females. If it is got failed from one place then the next place is sure to try. If it is got the target then disrespect and loathe always come in the share of a girl.


Those girls are appreciable who recognizes the dignity of herself and her relatives and do not break the trust of their parents. One sentence has its worth ” My daughter is my pride”


May Allah keep all the daughters and sisters safe. ameen


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