Inspired By Tenants

My tenants were awesome

Inspired From Tenants

It was the hot afternoon of the summer. I took a day off from the office because I need to run some important errands of the house. I was training the kids how to play on the computer when the bell rang. After a while,  it was the second bell when I went to open the door. There was a man standing the same as my age.

“Assalam o Alaikum”, he said in a very cultured manner. I thought he is the one who takes charity. His face looks adorned with the beard and his dress does not show that he will ask for the charity.



“Yes,” I asked,

“Are you Mr. Tahir?”, he asked.

“Yes,” I asked in short.

“Mr. Rafiq has sent me, you need  a tenant I suppose.”

“Yes, yes,” I said. Now I remember that I have asked my colleague about any tenant for the upper portion of my residence for a small and good family. It is hard to live with the office salary. I was sorry to make him stand in this hot summer outside. He needed a residence because he was renovating his house. I asked for the three thousand fare but we agreed on two thousand.


Wife will be upset with the less fare:


He left and I was concerned about the less fare although it was only a small room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom up there.

I was worried for my wife when she got to know there would be a chaos and the same happened. According to her, two thousand is only the fees of the kids. She was upset with me and I listened to her quietly and blamed my luck.

I had my M.Sc with good marks so got the job immediately and then married.

My wife was well educated too. She taught at the private school. We had three children but financially we were unstable.

The very next day the tenant with his family moved to our portion. His wife had hijab according to Islamic law. Two elder kids were beautiful and cultured whereas the younger one was with the mother.

After few days, when I returned from the office my wife told me that she had sent the kids to the occupant so they would learn to read Quran. “She teaches well. Her own kids recite the Quran beautifully.” My wife told me.

After more days, when I heard their elder son soulful recitation, the first time I wished that our kids read the Quran Majeed in the same beautiful manner.


My wife started taking Veil:


One day, I was going out and asked my wife that if she wanted to go to parlor then I can take her because she used to go to parlor for three or four times in a couple of months and this month she has not gone for once.

She replied,” going to the parlor is a spendthrift. If I make ablution for five times a day it will beautify me itself and if I need to put something more, it should be home  remedies for the vitality on a face.”

One day I was watching a serial on tv my younger son switched it off without asking me and sat next to me. ”Baba this hobby is useless, should I tell you a story of Muhammad” I was at rage but when I heard the story I was choked.

“Who told you this?” I asked.

“Our teacher and tenant. She tells us the stories about Muhammad after reading the Quran.”

I was amazed to see the speedy transformation of my family that one day my wife asked me to disconnect the cable. “Nobody sees it and it is a sin and spendthrift.”

A few days later, my wife wanted to go shopping I got ready happily because she is asking after many days or else I had to go often.

“What will you buy?” I asked.

“Covering dress” she replied.

‘What?” I laughed. She said,
“Previously I used to do so many non- religious acts. Now I want to correct them but you are making fun of it.” I said nothing. But I know this change is because of inspiration from tenants.

Then one day she gave me a handful amount and asked to pay all the dues of the fridge so that we don’t need to pay installments. I asked,” how did  you manage this much?’ she said,” It just happened.”

“When a person starts to walk on the road told by Allah then you got all the movements right in place. I am told by that lady.”


Transformation of my family:


I was so pleased. My wife did not fight with me nor complains. She teaches the kids at home and learning to read the Quran properly. She is offering her prayers timely and sending sons to prayer strictly. This all because of the company of religious tenants.

I started to realize that this is the way to be granted. Money and decoration do not please your heart. Relaxation is in the remembrance of AllahWhen a person do whatever his Allah told he will be rewarded.

As it is rightly said, “the person is known by the company he keeps.” My family changed completely because of the inspiration from our tenants.

That day I thought that two thousand fare is less but now it was so much that my home is at peace.

Good tenants are the Blessing of Allah.



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