Gender Equality

Say No To Gender Equality

Say No to Gender Equality

This is written by a lady whoever she was. The writing is a must read. It’s all about gender equality.




She writes:


I like not to compete with the man and remain a step back to him.

I like it  when I am off to outside alone he asks me that he will take me or coming with me

I like it when he walks in front of me on the unsafe and dangerous paths, I realize while walking on his footprints that he chooses  a smoother way for me

I  like it when ascending the mound or going down a ramp he keeps on turning back looking at me, outstretches his hand to help me

I like it when going to or coming from a travel the weight of all the luggage without  any request he lifts to his both shoulders and on his head, mostly while transferring the heavy things he says “leave it to me.this is my job”

I like it during extremes of weather he selects comparatively  shady and safe area to wait for a vehicle

I like it when he provides every useful thing for me at home so that with my responsibilities at home I do not need to go out  and face any misbehavior

I like when he counts stars with me in the cold night and he fears that I might get cold put his coat on my shoulders.

I like it when I’m crying to rid all of my grieves and he forwards his strong shoulders and assures me that he will be there with me.

I like it when in the worst conditions he considers me his lifebuoy and  stands in front of me like a shield and says “don’t be frightened I won’t let anything happen to you”

I like it when he instructs me so that I prevent from other’s gaze and make me feel his obsession.


Alas! most of us lose these pleasant opportunities just to get equality with the man

That’s why no prince comes on the white horse because we girls have presented ourselves like an item to the markets already…


When a man thinks that a lady is not weaker than him he leaves to offer any help then such pleasant moments go away one by one from the life….there is no fancy and eagerness and life suspends unbalanced….come out of this competition and treasure these soft moments….

It’s not about gender equality its all about the care and respect from a gentleman. Say no to gender equality for the sake of women empowerment.

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