35 Etiquette’s to Respect Parents

35 Etiquettes to Respect Parents

Every person in the world is blessed with two beautiful wp-content that we call parents; mother and father. Respecting parents is not only advised in Islam but all the religions and ethnic groups raise voice when it comes to respecting parents. Be grateful to your two protectors, respect them, get their blessings and save your life after death before they leave you alone. Remember these manners and follow as it’s all about your parents.




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  1. Switch off you cell phones while being with parents.
  2. Be silent and listen carefully when they are speaking.
  3. Welcome their opinions and accept their advice.
  4. Look at them with great humble and affection.
  5. Always speak well about them using positive and appreciating words.
  6. Share pleasant things with them.
  7. Keeping unpleasant things away from your parents when it comes to sharing.
  8. Respect and praise their friends and people in close circles.
  9. Never forget their successes.
  10. Act upon what they say and their valuable advice.
  11. Replying to what they ask, no matter how many times they repeat the same thing.
  12. Not discussing painful moments of past.
  13. Don’t talk about supporting someone and not someone.10 Pearls from a Mother to her Newly Wed Daughter
  14. Always sit peacefully and with respect in front of them.
  15. Never evaluate their ideas and opinions as useless.
  16. Never break your relations with parents.
  17. Pay respect and don’t tease by handling your children to them.
  18. Don’t abuse or punish your children when they are watching.
  19. Embarrass every of their views and opinions.
  20. Respect them as your elders when they are with you.
  21. Never raise your voice in front of them.
  22. Don’t walk before or ahead of them.
  23. Don’t eat until they have had it.
  24. Never gaze at them in aggressive ways.
  25. Feel proud of them, though they don’t deserve to be felt proud of.
  26. Don’t stretch your feet towards them and not turn your back to them either.
  27. Never abuse them or use harsh words that hurt them.
  28. Always keep on praying for their health, safety and forgiveness.
  29. Don’t show your parents that you are tired.
  30. Don’t make fun or laugh if they do some mistake.
  31. Respect, serve and fulfill their demands until they ask for it.
  32. Always come to see them and never cause any reason that makes them angry.
  33. Be selective in words when you communicate with them.
  34. Call them with their favorite names and those that love to be use for them.

Consider them the most respectable persons above all.


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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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