Reward of Teaching Your Kids Islam

Reward of Teaching Your Kids Islam

Islam is a complete code of conduct for every individual. Like the young, adults and the old, kids have some rights that should be fulfilled by the parents. The first place of learning for a newly born baby is mother’s lap and this is what makes him/her into a good or bad person. The parents are advised to educate their kids as per Islamic teachings and here is the reward when a mother tries to put word ALLAH on the tongue of her baby.

“If a mother teaches the word ALLAH to his kid and the kid when speaks out ALLAH for the first time, all the sins of the mother are forgiven”.



This is very easy and doesn’t take too much time to teach your kid one word. But nowadays, the modern moms teach something else to their kids. Either they are taught “mom”, “dad” or other English words and this way they miss all those blessings of ALLAH that they would have obtained for teaching ALLAH instead of mom and dad.

Istaghfaar – The Cardinal Supplication

This is the responsibility of parents to bring up their kids according to Islamic teachings, educate them about Islam, the basics, Salah and other fundamentals of Islam. The Holy Prophet ﷺ said:

“Allah will hold every person accountable for the people under his supervision and the men will be asked about their children, families and households.”

There are a number of responsibilities that parents should fulfill. They should give their kids an Islamic name, treat them fairly, spends on them as much as possible, feed them, educate them on how to become a responsible Muslim and most importantly they should taught that ALLAH is one and they must never join HIM with anyone else.


Time ~ Learn to Master it before it’s too Late…

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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  1. Was beautiful . I am a Mother alhamdulillah. And i have a little bad that dont speak yet. And no doupt i will start to teach my baby Allah. I hope thay is the firt word he say. And may Allah forgive me and all of us. Ameem. Baraka allahu fik for this beautiful post. May Allah give you jannah and blessings in this dua. Salam from a brasilian converted sister.

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