Your Marriage needs “oiling”

What? Yes! You read correctly. Your marriage needs oiling. Just like any other high tech equipment, your relationship rules are rusty and you need to clean and oil those bolts and screws so it can run properly and not over whelm your other relationships and life.

Here are few practical tips to help you get going.


  1. Fear Allah.

    Always be conscious of Allah S.W.T as your marriage foundation is laid on it.

  2.  Listen not just hear.

    Often, during an argument, we tend to hear what the other person is saying without comprehending on it. Often coming up with an excuse and not eradicating the problem at hand. It’s not just the husbands now. Ladies, you often neglect his football enthusiasm over your child’s tantrums.

  3. Take a break –together.

    Go for a long drive together. Leave behind the kids. They will survive. Too often, the husband is neglected in the race for a perfect home and neat kids. Ask a family member to babysit them for a night and have a dinner without kids.
    Note: Please don’t worry about your kids and ruin the evening. Recite ayat ul kursi and they will be fine, In Sha Allah 😉

  4. Take a break- from each other.

    My advice to every couple I know had been to take a break from each other. I can’t stress this enough! Even if you love your prince charming, he can get on your nerves. Allow him a boy’s night out and go to the spa with the girls. Have a makeup date or one dish. Enjoy a social circle not directly related to your spouse.

  5. Show off  for your spouse.

    I’m not asking you to boast or anything. Just show your best to them. Brothers, no matter how tired you are, take a shower once you get home. Style your hair and put on perfume. Your wife needs you as fresh as you are at office. Ladies, you can put on a beautiful dress and show off that new jewelry you got. Apply some fresh makeup and treat him with a delicious dinner.


I hope it helped. May Allah (SWT) bless you with a happy marriage. Ameen.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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  1. enlightening remembrance for all couples….if only we got those breaks….May Allah help us all ,to do all that refreshes our relationship .

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