Slandering – The biggest curse of all times

Only if people knew the disadvantages of slandering and how Allah and His Prophet PBUH despise the slanderers, they would be much more cautious in their conversations. Islam has strictly forbidden such evil acts and a slanderer has to face the following consequences in this world and hereafter.


  • A calumniator can never flourish in the eyes of Allah, His Prophets and His angels and is always resented by them.


  • A person who slanders is always disliked by the society and is considered worthless in the eyes of other people.


  • A slanderer loses his spiritual conscience with time and is destined to face Allah’s curse because of hurting other peoples’ feelings. Also, he loses his dignity and noble qualities by engulfing in such a negative habit.


  • Slandering can transform a peaceful society into a pugnacious and truculent one. People would eventually lose respect for their fellow beings and the society would soon engulf in evil deeds. It devastates the society by giving birth to hatred and enmity among different members of the society.


  • A slanderer would soon find himself despicable in his own eyes and Allah would make him devoid of all luck, inner beauty and blessings.


  • Calumniation lessens the pride of the Muslim Ummah as a whole. Slandering is basically practiced by hypocrites and is completely contrary to the teachings of Islam.


  • False accusations turn out to be a major setback in a just and honest society. It blurs the demarcation between innocents and criminals and the prevalence of slandering in a community can give rise to a society polluted with crimes and injustice.


Thus to prevent the intoxication of a community with sins and to save Muslims from spiritual deviation and psychological corruption, it is obligatory to follow the teachings of Allah and His Prophet PBUH in all phases of life.  As Allah’s Messenger PBUH once stated,


“He who defends his brother’s honor in his absence, then it is right upon Allah to safeguard him from the fire.”

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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