Will to a son from his father, A real story

Will to a son from his father, A real story

 Will to a son from his father, A real story

A Saudi man married a Philippine woman secretly. Since he was already married and also had children with the first wife. When that man got sick, he assembled his children for the purpose of will and told his eldest son “I have secretly married a Philippine woman, when I die, take care of her and also give them their right in will.” He also gave him the address of the place where they lived.

When the man died after a few days, his son went to the judge and told him everything in detail. The judge stopped the decision and ordered to present the Philippine woman there too. So the son reached to the address his father had given. He reached that street where she lived with a lot of difficulty. On the other hand the woman who was the wife of his late father, figured who he was at the first glance and told him that she was the same woman he was looking for and she already knew that her husband is dead. The son also gave her all the details and convinced her to take her with him to Saudi. He took his second mother straight to the judge so the judge decided that she came of 8 million riyal (Saudi currency). The judge also told the son to take her to perform Umrah and then take her back to Philippine. The elder son did exactly the same.



After four years of this incident, the son went to Philippine to meet his second mother and know how she was doing. He was shocked when he got there. He asked her that despite getting this huge amount in her will she was still living in that weary old house.

Reward in the life hereafter

His mother held her hand and took her to a place where a big institute was formed. There was an orphanage there and an institute for memorizing the Quran.  She said to the son “Look above to that board.” The son got into tears to see that the name of his father was written on that board. His mother told her “I have donated the money I got from the will of your father to this institute. So that he keeps getting rewarded due to this institute.” This was true love. She could also make a big, excellent house with that money. She thought what was the value of her love for her husband in comparison to that big beautiful house which was a temporary thing. This Islamic institute will benefit her husband and herself in the life hereafter. When the son came back from Philippine, he told his fellow brothers about that institute. All the brothers stayed up all night and kept thinking about it. They collected donations together and just in one night, they collected five million riyal for that institute associated with their father’s name their second mother had built on the basis of that unconditional love she had for her husband.

(This incident has also been published in the Arabic newspaper)

The children of rich people wait for their parents to die to get the money from their will. And the ones who truly love their parents only think about sending them reward in the life hereafter.

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5 thoughts on “Will to a son from his father, A real story”

  1. May Allah Almighty mercy be with him Ameen, married is base on trust, families are built with honesty, Alhamdulilah he got such a wonderful son and a second wife

  2. Sooo?? He snuck behind his first wife’s back and married another woman then he hid the marriage of the second woman. That is wrong

  3. How a pious husband can marry a women secretly without informing his first wife who trusted him and gave birth to his children?is not it unfair and betrayal? But I appreciate the second wife’s work,but she also betrayed his first wife along with her husband…that sin is bigger….
    Marriage should be held in public,not secret.his first wife has the rights to know about it and the pious husband should respect his wife’s feelings because Islam ordered him to be kind with wife and respecting her feelings is one of the kind treatment.Allah knows the best

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