Love and respect can change deserts into a garden

Love and respect can change deserts into a garden

Love & Respect can change Deserts into a Garden

In our daily life, we often ignore the things which are of great importance. Same is the case with a few relationships which result in making the relationships weak and create distances between people. The people we love often get mad at us.

Sometimes good families even great families get diverted from the right path. However a great family is the one which realizes to come back as soon as they get to know their destination. It can be related with an airplane flight where the pilot is made well aware of the flight plan before the plane takes off. He realizes his destination and chooses the right plan to get there. During the journey, he may face hurdles like winds or rain but despite all those the pilot gets to the destination safely with all the passengers. It becomes possible only because the pilot keeps getting directions to keep the right track, which make him reach his destination despite all the hurdles.



Life as an Airplane Flight:

We can relate our normal life with an airplane flight. It shouldn’t worry us that the plane got off track. The courage to get back on the right track is the real thing. Bearing unwanted situations to benefit others is known as patience. Goof family relations are followed by sacrifice and service. One has to convert “Me” into “We” when he falls in love with someone. Negative feelings are the biggest source to divert a family from the right path. Our feelings get us in trouble and our ego doesn’t let us get out of these problems. Everything that’s not taken care of can lead to declination. It’s important to keep the feelings’ account full in order to keep the family lives on the right track because non fulfillment of expectations lead to declination. In order to strengthen the relationships, keep depositing the bank of feelings. In the tumultuous environment of the current world, every family needs reform in order to take part in the race of life. The rule is “He gets who works hard”. Things like criticism, dissent and commanding behavior make the pleasant family relations shallow.

lifestyle and way of speaking:

Every Muslim should try to keep his lifestyle and way of speaking humble which pleases the other Muslim. The most important thing in life is the unity of the husband and the wife. The family becomes stronger with a stronger relationship of a husband and a wife and the whole family feels safe. The best you can do for your children is to love their mother. The reason to this is that the most prominent relationship in a house is the one which the husband and the wife share. The better their relationship is, the better the environment of the home becomes.

Pious people with high ranks love their wives and take good care of them. They love their wives and give them respect. Your wife is as important to you as any other relation in life is. Allah Almighty has made a woman tilted by nature. It is said that Ibrahim (AS) complained about Ayesha’s behavior in front of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty replied that he made woman from a twisted rib and if you try to mend the twisted rib it will break, so take benefit from it and learn to live with love together.

husband wife should also respect each other:

A wife should also respect her husband. She must keep herself from being rude and misbehaving. Both of them should show love and respect towards each other’s relatives. Abusing is a very common disease in today’s society. It was very rare in early times but in today’s world anyone who gets mad at someone abuses him at once. Even people abuse each other’s parents. Always Remember! Abusing is a great sin. A person who weds his daughter to you and sends her to your house is already doing a great favor to you. If you are the ones fighting there is no point in abusing each other’s parents.

According to a Hadith Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said

“Verily, one of the worst sins is that a man curses his own parents.”

It was asked

O Messenger of Allah, how can a man curse his own parents?

And Prophet Muhammad ﷺ replied

He abuses the father of another man and then that man abuses his father and mother.”

(Source: Sahih Bukhari 5628)

Ali (RA) said:

“He who curses angrily or as a joke will be accompanied with scorpions in his grave upon each curse.”

No matter how much educated and highly qualified you are, if you lack respect and culture, your degrees are just a wasted piece of paper. It’s not the guns which breaks the houses but the unkind words and abuses. Love can make a desert into a garden and a garden can be made into a desert if there is no love. Have good feelings for each other, respect each other, and make up to the irate. It will make your relations safe and life easier.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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