Do not live for your work. Work for a living

Do not live for your work, Work for a living

Assalam O Alaikum to everyone out there!

Whatever I am writing to you today is all a personal observation. There is no intention of pin-pointing or judging any of you. Well, I believe that Allah has put me through some stages so that I can come to you and share with you some fundamental things to help you rise up. I would like to share with you briefly about income and couples.




Income is a form of payment you receive for performing a task or some specific work for a particular period of time.

Nowadays, with evolution of technology and woman emancipation, both genders are offered academic and professional opportunities to rise their status as well as their financial position in the society they are living. It is not a sin to enhance one’s capabilities/talents. In fact, if used in the path of Allah, it is mostly praiseworthy. I understand that the world is moving very fast today. We are at a point where competition has risen high, whereby it is becoming more and more difficult for men and women to cope financially without a job security. Some are working 2 jobs a day while others are working up to 5 jobs per week.

Have you ever analyzed the type of income you are receiving?

Nevertheless, there is something I would like to divert your attention towards! Have you ever analyzed the type of income you are receiving?

  • Is it Halaal and well-gained?
  • Are you able to face Allah Taa’lah with the income you are receiving?
  • Is it beneficial for your household?
  • Is it really worth it?


Besides critically analyzing source of income, there are some other factors to be considered, while pursuing the facilities in life:


  • Is tomorrow and plans for years later guaranteed?
  • Is your life guaranteed here?
  • Have you ever wondered that you are tiring your body for the extra wealth which you will use to waste at a medical store looking forward to gain back your health?

luxurious lifestyle

Couples are usually faced with frustration when one member is earning more than the other or simply when others are earning better; leading to a more luxurious lifestyle. At times, they tend to get involved in illegal ways of earning money and in the worst case, they may gamble. The more money they earn, more greedy and haughty they become. Why so? Psychologically, for them, money is equal to Power.

What makes you think that Money will bring you happiness and all the comforts of life?

Everything you have right now: the air you are breathing, the eyes you use to see, the skin that covers your flesh and protects you, the hair you use to make your own hairstyle, the teeth you use to chew food, the tongue you use to talk, the voice you have, the hands and fingers, the toes, the feet, the quality of health you enjoy… everything is provided by none but Allah.

‘Kun Faya Kun’ , once HE Says ‘Be’ and ‘it is’.

If something is written for you and will benefit you, none can snatch it from you. If something is going to harm you, He has Better plans for you with better benefits. Then why are you chasing things that you will leave here in this temporary world; when all you need to take along with you are your good deeds?

…And what if you put in the same energy, the same enthusiasm and the same endeavor into leading a better Islamic lifestyle with Tawakkul (faith)?

Do not live for Work,Work for a living.

Do not live for your work. Work for a living in the name of Allah Taa’lah. Stop complaining. Stop comparing what your cousins, your neighbors, your siblings have achieved in life. The grass is always greener elsewhere because of lack of gratitude to the one and only – Al Qadir  (The All Powerful) – who has provided you with the best of everything you need. Do not limit your prayers. Ask for everything you want, from Allah only, but do not envy your brothers and sisters. You never know through what they have been to have what they have today.

Materialistic gains will deprive you from the  beautiful things of life

Be thankful. Be grateful for all you have. Do not allow these materialistic gains deprive you of the most beautiful things in life i.e. peace of mind, closeness to Allah and family ties, truthfulness, honesty, sincerity and care for others. Do not make of money, the reason for conflicts between your spouse and you. This is what Satin wants because he hates happy couples. Do not follow ibleese. Allah will provide you with all that you need. Have Tawakkul. Enhance Tawakkul in your life. Lead your spouse to the right path. Stop nagging. Stop criticizing. None is better off.

Ensure yourself that your income is Halaal. Do not leave Salaah for few bucks. Give away Zakat. It is compulsory. Do not turn away from poor people. Even if it is to share half of a date you have in your plate or a cup of water, do it. Please Allah.

If you have been living it wrong, it does not matter. It is never too late. Start as from now itself. Remember, that the few minutes have passed by is just a past. The minutes and hours Allah is providing you with is all a blissful Gift to turn back to Him. My dear brothers and sister, it is never too late. Wherever you are, nothing is guaranteed! There are only a few realities; Allah Subhan Wa Taalah, Quran, Sunnah of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the Dooms day.

Leave it all in the hands of Allah Taal’ah

Let’s prepare ourselves for a better lifestyle and leave it all in the hands of Allah Taal’ah. You will witness His miracles gradually. I hope these few words have brought some light to many of you. May Allah guide us to the right path.


Zeba Dil Mahmood

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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  1. I am facing many problems to perform atleast the five time namaz because of the job i am doing presently.i treid many times to leave this job for sake of Allah…but cannot leave please give some suggestions what i have to do….if i left this job there wll b no means to serve family

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