What to do if someone insult Islam

What to do if someone insult Islam

What to do if someone insult Islam

A while back I saw a post on Google plus. A non-Muslim brother was asking why the Quran was full of contradictions. He referred that Quran said that wine is the drink of shaitaan and at the same time wine flows in heaven. Whether he was just curious or he just wanted to criticize Islam, I don’t know. And as always there were brothers and sisters who defended Islam by pointing out how ignorant this brother is. Mind it they did not answer the question. The simple answer is in surah Mutaffifin. The wine in heaven is not intoxicating. It does not alter your conscience.

Even if his intention was to insult Islam, is throwing insult back a right payback? Isn’t knowing the right clarification a correct payback? Isn’t following Islam a payback? When I suggested it to the fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, they were determined to be angry. They claimed they can’t tolerate their religion being insulted. Of course it was natural to be angry. Whenever anybody insults Islam our blood boils right up. We want to do something, anything to shut them up. But is insulting the Kafir the smart way? Shouting at them and throwing insults, does it really help?

Aren’t we proving them right by raising to their bait? These people never stopped taunting Rasool(SAW) 1200 years back when Islam was at its peak. They are not going to stop now. Take Rasool(SAW), he was insulted, he was called a liar, a poet, a magician, a mad man and what nots!!! Whenever a Kafir challenged him he had answers, not anger. He proved them wrong but never called them names.

The right way to defend

Dear brothers and sisters, the right way to defend your true religion is to know more about it and to follow it. Whenever a question is posted that challenges your knowledge of religion, learn its answer. If possible, explain it to others. Your knowledge and obedience to your religion may not make an impact. It will go unnoticed. But remember Allah is watching. He notices you. Do it for him. Remember Anger is Shaitaan’s weapon. It will never do you any good.

Know every how’s and why’s in Islam for yourself and the least for your future generation. Follow what you know. They can insult  but remember they can never destroy it. Unless of course we let them to. We see sisters neglecting hijabs to show that Islam does not trap them. We see brothers shaking hands with females to prove that Muslims can be professional too. These are people who think they are expanding a Muslims’ limit. But no. they are raising to the criticism and insults. We are letting those people to interfere with Islam. Because it is only right to follow Islam as clearly as you learn it. And that’s why it is important for all of us to keep on learning about Islam. Because Learning and following the right is the best defence one can provide for Islam.

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