Raising children; treat them benignly


Raising children; treat them benignly


If Allah (SWT) has blessed you with kids, then, very humbly, we request you to be grateful to Him and consider attending to them properly. Cherish those innocent souls. When they commit mistakes, whether huge or petty, don’t react outrageously and keep a control over you. Instead of whacking your children, be careful about your things and place them somewhere safe in order to keep your things out your child’s reach.



For instance

Quoting an example, 15 years back, Newton was working on his book. He stood up from his place when his dog accidentally hit a candle that fell on his book in the making and most of it got charred. Newton faced his dog and said in bafflement,

“Oh well, I can’t even scold you.”

Newton resumed his work. Moreover, according to him, he put in even more efforts and worked harder to write his book and this time he got even better material for it.

 Be generous and loving

Therefore, you need to be generous and be big-hearted. Forgive your child’s trivial blunders and try not to freak out when they make mistakes. Likewise, don’t worry and be saddened over their weaknesses and ailments.

Deal with such problems in a positive manner because where there are kids, problems like seasonal sickness, catching the cold, breaking stuff, noise, disturbed sleeps, etc. do occur no matter what. Happily, accept these glitches of life and avoid stressing over what happened in the past so that you and your family can be at peace.



We get to interact, nationally and internationally, with a lot of children of different schools and institutions. There is plenty of pupils in schools who fail in academics over and over again, are frequently absent from their schools, are usually scatterbrained, be inactive, and hesitate answering even when they are aware of the answers. Our analysis depicts that these are due to

  • fear
  • lack of self-confidence
  • Sense of inferiority complex.

All of this is the consequence of the inapt environment that parents create and the heavy cost of which is paid by their children.

Ponder and pray for them

This not only ruins children’s lives but also parents remain vexed and unhappy for life. If your child makes some error, be benevolent toward him/her and pray for them. It would be immensely advantageous to look up to books like “Islam aur Tarbiyat-e-aulaad”, “Exemplary Father” and “Jo tum muskurao, tou ham muskurayen” for better child rearing.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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  1. Assalamualaikum!!! may I people be blessed immensely for the efforts,the advice is just what I needed and what other young mums need too.
    The advice is so simple yet carries a big message.jazakalllah khair

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