what is mahr(dowry) in Islam?



  • Islam has honored the women &  given her the right of ownership & imposed on man to give her dowry as her due right to make her content on the right of her husband’s guardianship ever It is unlawful for anyone to take her dowry or part of it without her consent.
  • It is recommended to ask light dowry  & to name it in the There is greater Barakah in the women whose dowry is the least. 
  • Anything that is lawful to give as a  price is lawful to give as a dowry, regardless how little it may There is no limit,  however, to set as a maximum for dowry.  It would also be valid as a dowry to teach his bride how to read the Quran.
  • It is permissible to pay all or part of the dowry up front or defer it all, or part of it to a  future. It is commanded to pay part of the dowry up front.  But if a time has been slated to pay the dowry there is no harm that,  otherwise,  the bride may demand it either upon the husband’s death or divorce.
  • It is acceptable for a father to give his daughter in marriage for a dowry equal to that of a girl her equal, or less.
  • A woman  possesses  her  dowry  by  virtue  of  the  marriage  contract  &  it  becomes  due  to  her  in  whole  once  her  husband  has  gone  into  her or  by  being  with  her  in
  • If a  man divorces his  wife  before  cohabiting  with  her  or  before  being  with  her  in  seclusion  &  has  already  named  a  dowry,  she  would  be  entitled  to  one  half  of  that  dowry  unless  she  herself  or  her  guardian  waives
  • If a man divorces the women before naming a dowry  7  cohabitation,  a  compensation becomes due to her, the amount of which depends on his financial    But if a man divorces his wife after cohabitation be entitled to a woman her equal.

Written By: Shaheen  Naaz.

Sources  :  ( www.whyislam.org)




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  1. In the article regarding dowry author says “It is recommended to ask light dowry  & to name it in the There is greater Barakah in the women whose dowry is the least. “.Please may I have a source of this statement /advice that has been given upon.JazakaAllahKhairna

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