Having Minimal Belongings at Home is Not a Flaw

Having Minimal Belongings at Home is Not a Flaw

Having Minimal Belongings at Home is Not a Flaw

Hadhrat Syeda Fatimah رضي الله عنها used to do housework on her own. There used to be a shortage of food in her household and the things in her house were all ordinary. One day, Prophet saw that Hazrat Fatimah رضي الله عنها had hung a veil made of fine quality fabric at her door. At this, he showed his disapproval and said,




“These are my family members and I do not like that they eat their portions of good things in this lifetime.”


Prophet was self-sufficient and wanted his kith and kin to live like that too. If he wished, he could have granted his daughter a housemaid or a servant, but he believed that the people in suffah were in more need of his help than his daughter.


If you want your supplications to be answered


Some way or the other his daughter’s life was passing well by striving and struggling but the people in Suffah were going through great food crises and starvation. Prophet told Hazrat Fatimah رضي الله عنها about a dua which is very rewarding and beneficial. He asked her to recite,”


Ya Awwal al Awwaleena, Ya Aakhir Al Akhireena, Ya zal quwwatal mateena, Ya rahimal masakeena, Ya arhama ar rahimeen.”


After reciting this, all supplications are accepted. The hardships of life are nothing in comparison to the numerous blessings of the life hereafter. This is why Prophet advised Hazrat Fatimah رضي الله عنها to be afraid of Allah, serve her husband and to fulfill all her obligations for Allah, on which she replied that she agrees with Allah’s commands and his Prophet’s advice.Having minimal belongings at home is not a flaw.


Life of Hazrat Fatima رضي الله عنها


Hazrat Fatimah رضي الله عنها is the daughter of the king of both worlds and the leader of women in Paradise. She used to do all her house chores on her own like cooking, sweeping, flour milling and collecting water were all part of her daily routine. This tells us that there is no shame in doing your own housework. Women today, especially the ones that are well off, feel shame in doing their own hose work and hire maids and servants to do their tasks. This is their own loss in religion as well as in this world. House chores keep you healthy and active whereas hiring maids to make you lethargic. No housemaid will do your work as you prefer, therefore your work will not be done according to your needs. Doing housework on your own is also very rewarding, like reciting the verses of the Quran is.


Don’t be ashamed of Minimal Possessions


Having minimal possessions is not something to be ashamed of, in fact, a person’s nobility lies in his ethics, morals and how he abides by his worship. A person’s nobility does not arise from having big houses with a lot of furniture nor does it come by wearing expensive and heavy clothing. Someone who lives in a grand house worth 50 lakhs and does not have a good nature, he is not considered to be noble just based on his riches. Nor is it a big deal to have a lot of expensive furniture and high walls in one’s house if he does not pray five times a day or pays Zakah(obligatory tax to purify wealth). Moreover, if these things are acquired through forbidden wealth then they will lead you to hell fire. Hell is the worst form of Allah’s wrath that will come upon wrongdoers. May Allah protect all of us from the wrath of hellfire.



It is wise to worry about the day of judgment, to fulfill your obligations and to abstain from what is prohibited. How can a man be called noble who does wrong deeds for hellfire? A nobleman is he who spends his life in fulfilling all his obligations towards Allah. Having minimal belongings at home is not a flaw.

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