The unlimited blessings of Allah

An elderly man once invited his acquaintance to a feast at his home. For lunch, he presented several pieces of bread along with other delicacies. The guest rummaged through the pieces of bread in order to fetch the best one for him. The elderly host was amazed at this act and politely asked him what he was doing. He asked the guest if he can imagine the amount of effort it takes to prepare one piece of bread from raw material and the hard work it takes to transport it from the fields to the dining table. It involves the combined effort of clouds which rain to grow the crops, the air which facilitates pollination, the animals which furrow the farms and the farmers who harvest the crops. This entire struggle yields a piece of bread which the guest easily deemed unsuitable for his consumption.

It has been estimated that a piece of bread is prepared for consumption after three hundred and sixty workers have worked hard behind its manufacturing. The driving force of the entire process is the angel Hazrat Mikail (Peace be upon him) who, by the will of Allah, sorts out the raw material required for the processing of bread. Then comes the role of other angels who control the clouds and are responsible for rain and those who control the air and atmosphere. Moon, sun, land, cattle and plenty of farmers contribute their hard work in this process. The last part of the chain involves the laborers who make flour out of it, the sellers in the market and the ones who finally cook the bread. True is the saying of Allah, who is the most beneficent and merciful,



“If you try looking for the details of a single blessing of Allah, there is no chance that you’d be able to count it all”.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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