10 things to do before the start of Ramadan

Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is the holiest among all the months where Muslims from around the world observe fast from dusk to dawn. Islamic belief states that the first revelation of Holy Quran on Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H was bestowed in this month only. Thus fasting in this month is considered as one of the basic five pillars of Islam.

The spiritual magnitude of Ramadan is enormous for the Muslim community. It’s a disappointment however, that modern times have engulfed Muslims in such worldly activities that they are unable to celebrate the true essence of this Holy month. Via this short piece of writing, it is my humble effort to guide all Muslims as to how they can benefit the most from the blessings of Ramadan.




If you were unable to observe fast in the previous Ramadan due to any ailment or disease, it is best to repay it as soon as possible. If you haven’t done it till now, do it now. Don’t consider fatwa as an alternative if you are healthy enough to fulfill this obligation.


Recitation of Quran in Ramadan yields seventy times greater reward compared to other months of the year. So it’s best to practice your recitation beforehand so you don’t encounter any difficulty in Ramadan. Rectify all your crackings and mispronunciations and a local Imam would prove to be a great help for you in this process.


A regular check-up before Ramadan would prove to be really helpful in treating your underlying ailments so that you don’t miss any fast because of your illness. Although you can always repay your missed fasts, there is nothing better than fasting in the Holy month itself.


Ramadan might bring some extra burden on your pocket. Your efficiency might even wane down because of heat, thirst and hunger. It’s high time that you start working extra hours in order to save a little bit for your family. Not only would this save you from the extra hassle during Ramadan, you’d also find yourself spending more time in communicating with Allah rather than worrying about the financial burden.


If you can’t survive an hour without snacking, how would you be able to fast from dusk to dawn? It’s time that you discipline your life, maintain a proper eating schedule and lead a healthy lifestyle so that your metabolism won’t give up on you when you stay hungry for more than twelve hours. May Allah give us strength to do this!


If you have upcoming exams or a wedding coming up after Ramadan or haven’t brought groceries, it’s best to complete all the chores before Ramadan starts. Unfortunate are those people who spend their entire month in the preparations for Eid. Always remember that Eid is a reward from Allah to those who have prostrated in front of him for the whole month. Those who neglect their prayers and go out shopping are not only ruining the essence of the Holy month but are not even fulfilling the purpose of Eid.  Taking care of such tasks beforehand would help you spend maximum time in prayers and other religious rituals.


Ramadan is a month of learning. It is a month which polishes a Muslim inside out. But that doesn’t mean that the learning process cannot begin beforehand. The best way to fulfill all the obligations perfectly is to have knowledge about the aa’mal beforehand. The seatings of knowledge shall be started before the commencement of the month so all your efforts do not go in vain due to lack of knowledge. The more you know, the more you apply and hence the more you benefit.


We all are well aware of the schedule in Ramadan. Our day revolves around fasting, praying, recitation and other obligatory rituals. An abrupt change in lifestyle can be really hard on an individual. Thus it is best to get used to these worships a bit early in Sha’baan so when the Holy month arrives, you’re well accustomed to the schedule and don’t find it a burden. Make sure to pray a little extra from today, give charity, start revising the Holy book and follow the Sunnah from this very moment. A few voluntary fasts may be an excellent way to warm up for Ramadan and meanwhile you’d also fill in for your missed fasts.


Ramadan does not only mean abstaining from food and water. That is not the true essence of this blessed month. Allah wants us to mould ourselves mentally and spiritually so we turn out to be better human beings. To elevate your reputation in the eyes of Allah, it is best to have control on your desires. Refrain from bad habits like back biting, slandering and lying. Be cautious when you speak. Work on your patience. Purify your intentions and seek guidance. No doubt, Allah accepts sincere duas and He would make it really easy to transform ourselves.


Last but not the least, let us all implore Allah to preserve our faith and sustain our health so we can fulfill all the obligatory ibaada’at during the Holy month. May Allah give us the willpower to devote ourselves to Him and perform maximum deeds in order to be blessed with his mercy.  Let us not miss the virtues of Ramadan in quest of worldly pleasures because this time of the year would take another 365 days to come back. And I’m sure none of us wants to stay devoid of the blessings of Allah. Not just that, may we all have the strength to follow this schedule even after Ramadan and not give up on prayers just because the Holy month is over. And no doubt, Allah is the biggest helper and provider!

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!



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