No assets last forever in this temporary world

No assets last forever in this temporary world

No assets last forever in this temporary world

Hazrat Rabi bin Khaseem (May Allah’s blessings be on him) was a renowned Islamic scholar of his times. The tales of his piety, devotion to God and disinterest in the worldly pleasures are well engraved in history. The historic books are filled with numerous stories of this saintly personality.

Once upon a time, he suffered from an attack of paralysis and became bedridden. A sick person is usually prone to experience a lot of mood swings and wants their wishes to be granted. In such days only, Hazrat Rabi bin Khaseem (May Allah’s blessings be on him) had the desire to eat chicken but his piety did not allow him to fulfill all his worldly desires. Thus, he remained quiet for forty days and after that only did he ask his wife to cook chicken meat for him.
His wife obliged and presented the delicious meal in front of him.



He was about to take his first bite when he heard a beggar on his door, calling out for some charity. He withdrew his outstretched hand and asked his wife to give the meal to the beggar. To this the wife replied, “I can give the beggar something better than this.” Astonished at such remark, Hazrat Rabi asked his wife for an explanation to which she replied, “I can give the beggar the exact price of this meal.”

Gold in history

Hazrat Rabi’s reply to this shall be marked with gold in history. He told his wife to give both the food and money to the beggar. Such was his devotion to God and love for humanity.
(An extract taken from “Saffa-tul-Safwah”)

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