Questions that Muslim Wives should ask to Themselves

Ask these questions to yourself by reading again and again. If you have answers in the positive, you are successful but in the otherwise case, try to improve yourself.

  • Do you get up early before your husband wakes up and try your level best to send your children and husband to mosque for Morning Prayer so that they offer the prayer with others collectively in order to get ALLAH’s pleasure and blessings?
  • Do you press clothes of your spouse so that he gets everything ready when he leaves the house for work to avoid time wastage in finding other things? Similarly, do you prepare the luggage of your husband when he leaves for a journey or has to travel somewhere?
  • Do you check your kids for their home works so that they do everything at home without spending on private tuition and this way kids will get affection of the mother? Are you ignorant of all these things and just put kids for the husband that he will take care of them and you restrict yourself to household chores?
  • Re your careful when it comes to cooking favorite dishes of your husband or children that you don’t even like or you hesitate in getting your hands on making such dishes that take time for your spouse, his friends and kids as well?
  • Do you take care of your house to make it clean so that when your husband gets back he should have a clean environment?
  • Do you prefer preparing necessary things for your husband when he gets back from work like fetching him cold water to drink, tea and other edibles so that he forgets about his worries and he feels relaxed when he is at home?
  • Do you feel happy and pleasured when your husband tells you that his mother, sister and other siblings are visiting your house and he will gift them something very precious?
  • Do you care about the rest of your husband when kids are at home in summer vacation by getting up early and handle works and kids to avoid any nuisance?
  • Are you a good mother by showing affection, praying for your teens when they tease, create noise and break something instead of yelling at them, telling about anger of the father and scaring them so that your children feel they have a loving mom?
  • Do you respect your husbands’ orders when he asks you to do something and inform him about the reason for not doing before he asks about that again?
  • Do you wait for the right moment and good mood of your husband when it’s about asking your husband for something like he never pays attention to kids, comes home late, doesn’t eat with the family or you keep on taunting and tell such things when your husband is in not a good so that he gets more angry? Do you care about such little things by using your wits?
  • Do you buy legitimate toys for your children that don’t have portraits as having pictures and displaying them in house is forbidden by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)?
  • Do you ignore discussions of your mother in-law, brother in laws and other family members and don’t back bite because you get scared of ALLAH?
  • Do you attend your husband whenever he calls you or pretend and excuse to be engaged in some work?
  • If you are a lady and not married yet, do you pray to get a pious husband and good family?

Read the questions again, ask yourself and then answer. If your answers are in YES, you have been hailed as a pious and noble wife by ALLAH but if your answers are in otherwise, NO, promise to yourself that you will bring these qualities in your personality and will pray to ALLAH to make you like such a wife.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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7 thoughts on “Questions that Muslim Wives should ask to Themselves”

  1. Assalamualaikum
    It’s good article but want to know what husband’s should do for wife
    Some men think wife is there property and happily never allow her to visit her parents and friends
    Please send some articles for husband’s role in house n with wife

  2. Feel like this is a list of house work chores for women who don’t work full time. I agree with some of it. .. We all have our responsibilities but unfortunately, nowadays, 2 people need to work to survive. So it would only be fair if the man was doing all of these things too after his shift at work since both the mum and dad faced the same stresses and came home…

  3. I feel like this article only highlights what’s common for sisters to do in this day and age. We need to move on and encourage sisters to partake in society, become students of knowledge, serve the community and encourage sisterhood. I don’t see how this article is inspiring. We bother to write these articles more than we bother to inspire sisters with stories of muhaddithat etc

  4. Junaid Ibrahim

    I just can’t agree with your views. I mean where in the article did you find that Islam treat women as slaves? Don’t you know the responsibilities of men towards their wives? If women take care of all the points mentioned in the article, then men are ready to do much more for women than they should. Sadly women these days can’t understand the fact that hearts are meant to be won with love and sacrifice, not through arrogance and supremacy.

  5. I think you are looking for an angel or some robot who can do everything wothout a crease on their forehead,because women are human beings ,they have feelings ,emotions plus they can get tired realistic when you do these kind of articles,in my opinion when woman read that many requirement to be a good wife or mother,you are lowering their self esteem what they are not doing by high standard of your article,every woman try to be a good wife,not even need to mention mother,give woman a little space ,freedom and right to live ,they are not slaves ,they can get tired too.

    1. By praying for him to Allah subhana wa taala with pure heart and expecting the best from Allah , (having tawakkul ) as Allah is the best of the planners and he knows what is best for us . But before doing that , do check with ur ownself as to where u are going wrong , or did u do any such thing that may have displeased Allah , ask repntance from Allah and promise not to repeat it again .
      May Allaah swt help you my sister and fullfill all ur wishes and ease ur problems .

      Also recite lot of astaghfaar day n night and u will see how things just workout the way u want without any efforts .

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