Proposal for Nikah…just a game for men?

Proposal for Nikah…just a game for men?

This article is based on true stories from many girls.  Please read it, and share it with others so that you may save your sisters from such liars.



Men and women constitute the society based on the sacred relationship of Nikah.
Many men in recent times, especially Muslim men, have violated the real beauty of Nikah.
Islam gives a man the power to choose the woman he likes for marriage.
Does Islam give a man permission to play with a girl’s feelings, under the guise of a proposal for Nikah, only to later leave her due to baseless excuses?
Does Islam give this permission to a man?
Today, most men are hasty to propose Nikah to girls.  When the girl accepts the man’s proposal however, he delays the marriage saying that she should wait, keep praying, and trust ALLAH.
Is it enough ???
When she continues to insist that he send his parents to her home to seek her family’s approval, he withdraws his proposal, stating that his family does not agree with his proposal.  He is essentially saying that his family is more important than she is, and he cannot disobey them. Then, the girl is left alone and heartbroken.
So, I ask you:

Do men not consider their families’ requirements before proposing to a girl?
Do men not contemplate the choices of their beloved sisters and mother prior to extending an offer of Nikah to a girl?

Does the girl not have any family of her own?
Does the girl’s family not respect and honor her?
Is she an orphan?
Doesn’t she have feelings and self-respect?
She is selected when he wants to select her, and then later rejected with unjustified excuses when he no longer wants her.
After trusting him blindly, she is left alone.
What does Islam says about women?
Islam encourages the kind treatment of women.
Moreover, Islam also states that men will be questioned about their treatment of women on the day of judgement.
Is today’s man so powerful that only he has the right to select or reject her at any time?
Has he forgotten the day of judgement?
Why does such a man not contemplate the saying, “As he reaps, so shall he sow.”?
Finally, it is my humble request to all brothers, only contact your desired girls and proceed with the proposal after gaining your family’s approval in the matter.
Also, do not insult girls when you want to reject them with statements like these:

Who the hell you are?
I can sacrifice thousands of girls like you for my family.
It was the biggest mistake of life to propose to you..
Don’t think I am a fool.
Don’t even try to blackmail me emotionally…etc.


Fear ALLAH dear brothers… fear ALLAH… Her tears are very precious and important for ALLAH. They are not just drops of water for ALLAH.  These are her feelings, her emotions, and her pain.
Remember, ALLAH alone is sufficient for her.
Please don’t play with girls’ feelings.

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6 thoughts on “Proposal for Nikah…just a game for men?”

  1. Such things happen in life in male dominated society and family is important to them before marraige and after marraiage also the patience of women is tested in both situation and alhumdullilah with Allah’s grace I have managed both situation life is a test always if one ends the other begins dont lose hope the women in islam is very strong dont give up the just pray allah he listens always

  2. He left me and my children. He was having extra marital affair with a non muslim who was a divorcee having a child.
    He is no more interested on me and my children.

  3. Similar story happened to me… he planned to marry me but changed his mind when his parents refused me. Was it just an excuse ?

  4. It happened to me but Its quite opposite in my case….thw woman has played with my feelings. I just left it to Allah. He is alone enough for my justice….

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