A beautiful Dua for our marriage for every husband and wife

A beautiful Dua for our marriage

Allah, bless our marriage and let it be a means for us to become closer to You in love and devotion.

Allah, may this marriage strengthens our Imaan.



Allah, let our marriage be a way for us and our families to enter Jannah.

Allah, protect our marriage from the whispering of Shaytaan.

Allah, Bless us with faith and love in this world and hereafter.

Allah, unite us and our families in love and faith with your mercy.

Allah, let our marriage become a beautiful example for others.

Allah, bless us with the strength to forgive each other’s shortcomings.

Allah, give us the strength to live together in justice, equity, love and mercy.

Allah, let our marriage bring untold blessings to us individually, to our families and our children.

Allah, bless us with children who will be a source of great joy and happiness.

Allah, give us the love which you had blessed Muhammad (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam) with Khadija (R.A)

Aameen Ya Rabb

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8 thoughts on “A beautiful Dua for our marriage for every husband and wife”

  1. Alhamdulillah! Very nice reminder for myself as well as every couple. May Allah grant your intentions for sharing with us . Ameen!

  2. I want a wazeefa to make my married life happy.becz its getting rough nd tough many problems r not sorting even i tried my best please help me

    1. Hi’ my marriage now is already broken’ no matter how i tried to save it.. i pray and pray and asked Allah’ that everything will be okay’ and didn’t happen’ if one couple don’t want anymore’ whatever you do’ it will finished whatever happens.. so goodluck and Insha’Allah you’ll solve your issues. May Allah protects us.

  3. Ma Sha Allah , sub Han Allah . Alhumdulillah . JazakAllahu Khair for beautyful wonderful awesome information . Whatever u posting, that’s very useful knowledge for me forever jazakAllahu Khair plz keep posting like that’s . Allah give u more success and life

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