Allah's Plans are Better

Poem – Allah’s Plans are Better by Hamdalah bint shaakir

Poem – Allah Plans are Better by Hamdalah bint shaakir

Lost Treasure


This is to the lost treasure



In a bid for the worldly pleasure

That will end in pains

Though you envisaged gains

Let me remind you who you are

Lest you continue to flop and err

You are a priceless pearl

More regal than an earl

Filled with so much tranquility

Watchword is modesty

Speech throws a light in your heart

Manners too impeccable to fault

Dear sister, this is who you should be

Not what society says you should be

You are grander than a queen bee

You are a queen from your foetus

Please don’t downplay that status

So take from the live of the sahabi

Your status is elevated in the Qur’an

So why act like a Barbarian

My sister, wake up!

Lest it’s too late & you are packed up!

Be like a gem

Before you turn to germs

You are a priceless treasure

Don’t trade it for some lowly treasures


Reasoning over desire


Before taking a leap and going deep

Why not take a chill away from the thrill

What’s the point of smelling that you can’t devour

What’s the point if all you can do is just savor

So why stress and press for it

If it will end in a pit

Don’t have a taste so you don’t get stuck up

Not bluffing so best is you lock up

Worlds apart

So stay apart

Allah’s Plans are Better


It felt like a blow when it didn’t work

You heart felt like a wreck

Thought it was meant to be

Hopeful with a glee

Yes you planned

Yes you hoped

Yes you cared

But no it wasn’t destined

Even if you insisted

So take rest in His words

The Owner of the worlds

That wrote your perfect story

So bask in his glory

He knows the best for you

He wants the best for you

He only needs to say, “Be”

And voilà “It will be”

So go easy ‘cos He got you covered

You don’t need to be bothered


Written by :

Hamdalah bint shaakir

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