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Book Review – Submitting to Allah By Nurnazida Nazri

Submitting to Allah

About The Book

The book is written by the Author “Nurnazida Nazri” who is a lecturer at a college teaching the law students for about 10 years. Nurnazida is a beautiful writer who has an art of putting emotions into words and making a strong impact on the reader.

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About The Author

This was her first book and there had been certain improvements in her next books as she had been improving her writing skills. The book needs to be read line by line to absorb the meaning and message the author needs to give.



Reasons to Read the Book

The book is a simple 36 paged book comprising of six chapters. And each chapter comprising of a poem. As per the poems they need to be improved but still they had been beautifully composed with respect to the first time writer.

The first chapter of the book gives the message to stop whining about the shortcomings of the life and stay thankful for whatever Allah Almighty gives you. It’s a very strong lesson since people never stop complaining which stops them to be thankful top the creator.

The second chapter tells how important is the present and future and how important is to forget the past and only learn from it. The writer compared the past to the scar which keeps reminding you of what has happened and keep moving just like the scar.

Accepting fate and believing in Allah should be the only approach a Muslim should have. Knowing that Allah SWT is the only creator and has chosen the best for his people helps you keeping it together through every thick and thin.

There is always room for betterment. There are always shortcomings that need to be improved by you since perfection is only associated with the Allah Almighty. Being different does not mean you are wrong. You only chose the different path.

The author emphasizes that Allah is the divine creator of the universe. Letting him make the decisions is the best decision since Allah knows what is best for you and how would you get that. Allah has made ways and trusting Him is the only way to achieve what you want.

The writer concludes by saying that Death is indeed near, since the clock is ticking and every passing moments should remind you of the end. Allah has made it clear to decide what is important and what is not. Just follow the path to achieve it.


To sum it up the writer has a very beautiful command on words. She knows how to keep the whole point summarized in few words and keep the reader’s interest. The book is a great piece of good lessons to live your life by.

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