Candle in the wind

Book Review – Candle in the wind by Nurnazida Nazri

Candle in the Wind

Book Review – Candle in the wind by Nurnazida Nazri

About the book & Author

“Candle in the wind” is a book beautifully put into words by an Author named Nurnazida Nazri. She is a lecturer at law school and has been teaching there since the last 10 years and has made a very excellent collection of words and made sure the author understands every Apologue of the book. She wants the readers to realize the importance of small things in world and how to keep it together through every situation.




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Why to read it?

The best thing about the book is that at the end of every apologue the reader gets a beautiful and useful message and this is quite enough to keep the interest of the readers alive. She has made sure that every apologue leaves an impact on the reader just as she leaves on her students during her teaching years.

Book Review : Candle in the wind

Nurnazida Nazri has tried to reflect the importance of the present and future and how the past matters the least yet it should be there to keep reminding you of what you are and what you can still be. The message of being thankful to Almighty in no matter what the situation is, is very important for every single human being as every person is as close to Allah Almighty as the other one.

She has helped her students through their hard times and guided them in every possible way. She kept motivating them weather they needed help or motivation. They had always had her opinion as a golden one and done as directed.

Failures are an important part of life as per the writer but there are achievements and motivation that helps us keep getting through. Failures are not supposed to slow you down but to know it’s not the end and there is nothing you cannot do.

The writer very beautifully gives the message to have the highest of self-confidence and not let anyone define your life. The main goal should be please Allah no matter what you are doing. Keep doing the good work with your head up and no one can stop you.

There were students who did not want to be helped but still somehow got helped since God works in mysterious ways and the writer has very beautifully conveyed the message. The things which can’t be done simply by you can be done by Allah Almighty without even you knowing it.


To sum it up the main focus of the book is to give wonderful messages to the readers by relating the stories of the students mentioned by the writer. If the students are trying to keep it through their educational career or trying to stay focused about the discipline they have chosen; this book is definitely the one. The writer has the art of making the readers aware of the fact that situations change and everything is a matter of time. The collection of words and events is chosen wisely and it’s a must read for the students who need motivation or the people who are no sure if they entered the right career.


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