Marriage is a lifetime contract for living together

Marriage is a lifetime contract for living together

Marriage is a lifetime contract for living together. How will this journey be?

Marriage depends on both husband and wife behavior, their efforts , hard work , sincerity and mutual understanding.
For spending successful life, a continuous efforts is needed. Successful married life can’t be possible with in a weak or in a month, Its a full time job… Our efforts , love and care makes our life successful and full of happiness…
As love is just a word but husband and wife both give meaning to their love, similarly nikah is a contract but husband and wife makes this contract successful with their love , care ,sincerity and respect.
Our attitude and behavior are special ingredient to any successful relationship, with our good attitude people comes near to us, and with our arrogant and bad attitude people go far away from us…
Many sisters complain that their husband’s behavior is very rude to them. They behave immorally or sometime they says that they are very cruel to them.
Similarly sometimes these complain comes from husbands for their wives.
Is it really impossible to handle such behavior ?
Is it really difficult to change someone ?
I will try to explain this with symbolic story..
Once a daughter told her mother that her husband is very cruel to her , its too difficult to handle him.. So tell me what should I do ? Or give me some solution. Her mother told her that she has a solution.
She said that I have an amulet but I need lion’s hair.. When girl heard this then she became afraid that how can she get this ?
Her mother told her that its not impossible , you can get lions hair by making him friend..
Her mother told her that if you give food to lion daily then lion will get familiar to you,and when lion will get familiar then you can take its hair.
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She went to a forest and their she saw a lion then she started giving him food daily . As days passed on ,she started giving food by going more close…
After some days lion became her friend and then she took several hair from his body.. Then she went to her mother and said,I have got the lion’s hair as you said , Now tell me what should I do now ?
Her mother smiled and says ,Oh my beloved daughter ,just see How a lion changed with your love care and proper attention , when a fierce animal can change with love ,care and proper attention ,then how is that possible a human cannot be ?
So dear brothers and sisters try to focus on your attitude instead of problems. Try to change your behavior first..instead of expecting it from other , then you will eventually see a good change in your partners behavior too… Marriage is a gift from ALLAH don’t waste it by your arrogant behavior… Be polite to each other…. Just forgive ,forget and move on…


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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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