Make your home a delectable heaven for your wife

Every woman has to face the challenge of leaving her home and going to her in-laws home after marriage. This is indeed one of the biggest transformations for a woman and during such a crucial time period, immense support and love of a husband can do wonders.

Ever noticed how a tiny seed takes a time to make its place in the soil and then sprout after struggling for a couple of days? Same is the life for a woman after marriage. A woman requires ample time to adjust to the new environment, new people and new customs. But once she receives enough care and support from her in-laws, getting accustomed to the new place would no longer be a tough challenge for her. In fact, she’ll accept the new life with all her heart.



Taunts from the in-laws like ‘This is not how things are done here’ or ‘Our customs are different than what your parents taught you’ are sentences that not only hurts the newly wed young girl but would also never make her feel at home. Rather, she should be provided with a frank atmosphere where she feels like she’s a part of the family instead of an outsider. Her involvement in house chores and decision making would boost her confidence and would make her respect her in-laws even more.

The role of a husband during this phase of life is phenomenal. He should be aware of the challenges her wife might be facing and his constant support and motivation can help her perform her duties in a much effective way. He should become a part of his wife’s struggle and help her overcome this time with ease. This is why Islam has made a husband and wife backbone of each other. This sacred relationship is not blessed without a reason. Work hard to strengthen this bond and the practice starts from the first day of marriage.

And a little message for all in-laws:

Give her time so she can become like one of you. Give her time to get accustomed. Give her time to settle in her new life. Give her time to live the life she always fantasized about. And above all, give her a chance to please you!

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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  1. Mashallah, very nice post & very informative , knowledgeable fr the couples ,the family shuld finally inspired by this ……

  2. Mashallah, beautiful quotes……..Very informative post menz & tht family shuld be inspired by this .V.nice

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