The unappreciated sacrifices of a wife

A woman is blessed with three sacred relationships by Allah, the Great: a daughter, a wife and a mother. The second phase of a woman’s life is marriage which is actually much more than love. It is a communion of two lives. It demands support in health and sickness, work and worry, joy and sorrow.

Marriage is name of coping with all the problems that come your way and still maintaining the integrity of the relationship. It might apparently seem to be a huge struggle but Allah has hidden such blessings in this sacred relationship that it is beyond the understanding of humans. The role of a wife throughout this struggle is indeed phenomenal and worth discussing.



Praiseworthy are those women who live away from their husbands (who are working abroad to financially support the family), maintain good terms with her in-laws and fulfill all the responsibilities from managing a family single-handedly to bringing up the children in the light of Islam.

It is indeed a big sacrifice to stay away from your life partner all your life for the better future of the family, to protect the dignity of the family name and still not complain. May Allah grant patience and willpower to all such women and may their children prove to be a perpetual charity for all such parents.

As Prophet Muhammad PBUH once highlighted the role of a husband towards his wife,

“No believer should be angry towards his wife. If some of her qualities are displeasing, there will be many other qualities worth appreciation. No doubt, the best of you is he who is the best to his wife.”

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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7 thoughts on “The unappreciated sacrifices of a wife”

  1. Need more post on diffrent scenarious..wife luving with husband but getting mocked and mentally abused frequently.
    Wife not finding a way to make husband happy.husband least bothered about wifes healrh/ happiness or anyother thing

  2. How to deal with a husband who points out mistakes all the time and the wife gets angry upon him because he doesn’t appriciate her for anything rather always pointing mistakes. And then there is only arguments, fight and regret at the end.

    1. It’s alright to point out mistakes but not good to criticize it just because the husband thinks it is a mistake. First, validate if it is actually a mistake from the wife’s point of view? Both the husband and wife need confirmation from each other and define the pointed out act as a mistake with proper reasoning.

      Most of the wives in our culture (I am not talking about just Muslims) are criticized because they are not right in somebody else’s point of view. It’s our culture which made women burdened with the house, family, kids, and all that crap which the society has listed as a women’s job. A man can cook, wash his clothes, teach his kids, take care of the house; so did most of the prophets in all the Abrahamic religion did. We have combined religion and culture in a very bad way. We follow hadiths but implement someone else’s culture.

      You need to follow the hadith and implement local culture and not Saudi’s culture. It is their culture, not ours, whoever you are Indians/Pakistanis/etc we should pride and encourage our own inherited culture. Don’t get confused with what Saudi is doing. They label their rules as sharia or Islamic because that is what their constitution requires them to do, it is right for them. And so is the culture evolves with the genders there.

      Husband need to give the same amount of respect and attention to his wife’s pride and ego as he does for himself. He needs to accept the women as she is and not force her to make significant changes in her believes, lifestyle, thought process just to make her fit in. Marriage is not about accepting the Husband’s lifestyle or accommodating a life which does not fit you. Marriage is a combination of two culture which creates sustainable and happy future. It’s about treating both the Genders equally.

      If the author here is giving an example from Islam, she/He also should know Islam is all about gender equality what we call feminism in today’s world. The best example from Islam is how our Prophet met his first wife. It was a business relationship for a business which was owned by prophet’s to be wife. Women owning business 1400 year ago in Saudi marry an unemployed man who later on found to be the one chosen by God. Isn’t that is two different cultures coming together to change lives for good?

    1. Shahnewaz hossain

      Lots of nice writings so thanks. Just want add few points. Marriage mean bring tigaryer, live together and Islam has given marriage as a way for men and women to be together. Let’s be fair. Yes there are men who does wrong and sane way there women who does wrong as Allah made us we are not perfect. We must me sone level of sacrifice or accommodations in our lives both husband and wife to make marriage to work. Nor the husband or nor the wife should molded but there must be things are important for marriage to work and these things or areas of life must be adjusted as per possible in the light of Quraan and sunnah. This called love and respect. Wife must understand husband and things are important to him and husband must do the same. Both should know or learn and try to apply what Allah and Sunnah of Nabi SAW said in each aspects of life. So the life here become an contributions to into the enter Jannah.
      Yes mistakes will happen from both as we are Insaan. But we should forgive each other and sane time try to overcome that mistake next time.
      It’s also important to understand by both that what rights Allah has commanded on each other. And try best to fulfill and excuse each other if one fails sometimes but not make it a rule not to fulfill.
      Marriage is the best things Allah has ordained on us but if we disobey the orders of Allah in our marriage life specially pertaining to husband wife relationships then the same blessings become cause of sufferings and price for here after.

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