These days a lot of problems are happening because of sister in laws. A lot of depressions and many are being stressed out because of this.

Most of the sister in laws these days are competitive, jealous and rude. Many women find it tough dealing with their sister in law. This is a sensitive and troublesome area. Sister in law who are of the same age can be overbearing, jealous, insecure and dominating because there’s a lot of power struggle involved.



If you think you will have problems with your sister in laws, then limit your interaction. You may not completely avoid her but you can spend more time with other family members during gatherings.

Focus on the people who enhance your life. Instead of being bogged down by negatively stemming from your sister in laws. Turn your relationship with other family members.

Be cordial but don’t overly personal work your sister in law. Maintain your limits with them if they try to be bossy or embarrass your or try to put you down in front of others. But don’t be rude to them but hold back on being extremely warm or open with your sister in law. Be professional but not personal.

Sister in law problems are very common these days. We need to be smart enough to avoid them and ignore them if they are are dominating and being smarter to you. Maintain your gap with them.

Always remember

“If you do good to others, only good things will come to you”

The Al Mighty is watching you. Ask dua if your sister in laws are giving your problems and troubling you. Every dua is answered. It’s that we need to have sabr to wait and see what’s happening. Have faith.


A sister thought 🙂

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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  1. Everything seems stressful. I am sorry to hear. I am going through so much as well. I have 7 sis-in-laws that doesn’t like me being with their brother. They called me ugly, tiny, and made fun of my face behind my back. They even compared me to his ex-wife. I admit, I was heartbroken for weeks when I heard the news. Yes, I confronted them and all they said was “if it’s the truth, I shouldn’t be mad about it.” Lol it’s crazy.

    I started distancing ourselves away from them. Years goes by and we are now expecting a little one. When they found out, they tried to bring me down again. Everything is so bad. But as long as my husband got my back and support me all the way, then I guess that’s all that counts. People are just so jealous sometimes, and that sh*t is getting old.

  2. I have only one sister in law and he is my worst enemy we have not live together yet ive been married since 3 years my in laws are in UK and in from pakistan I’m married with my first cousin. My sister in law is married twice but still she couldn’t built a happy marriage both of her husbands are good but she is a physicone path. I’m happy with my husband but my sister in law is always jealous of me she alwaya says my husband to leave mearly or divorce me just bcz she is too much jealous of me in facing too many problems not only she also my father in law. Just because of them my husband is now not I contact with me. Now because of my mother in law my husband is applying for my visa please I request all to pray for me I’m so much in difficulties please pray for me I love my husband soo much and don’t want to get separate from him.

  3. May Allaah unite the Ummah and instead of looking for faults may we look at ourselves as we may be the problem also Aameen Ya Rabbal Aa’lameen

  4. Frida Natasha Khan

    I have 3 sisters in law n even thoughy i am not leaving with them but they always gives me problem . Since the day i married my husband all uis family were against our marriage and till now they want me to leave him. My husband loves his sisters and not able to go against them and he loves me too.

  5. Im facing alot of problems due to my sister in law even the first fight between me and my husband is caused by her just after 3 months of our marriage nd still…May Allah give me sabr

  6. I do have same problem… my sister in law is a widow.. and have 2 children.. when ever my husband does anything to me or my daughter she gets jealous so does my in laws… I am extremely stressed out.

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