Advice for sisters regarding intimacy

Advice for sisters regarding intimacy

Advice for sisters regarding intimacy


I advise my sisters on the basis of my experience that the health of man (his comfort, the protection of his honor and respect, and the betterment of children) is all under the control of women. If she wants, she can make her home an example of heaven.



Therefore, sometimes a wise wife should present herself as a new bride to her husband, embrace in his sorrow and pain like a sacrificing partner and sometimes try to protect him from the worldly disturbances like a brave protector and protect him from getting into the illegal wishes of this ending world like a loving teacher.

My sisters! Remember that a husband does not become a slave of a beautiful wife, but becomes a slave of a woman having the spirit of serving. When your husband comes home after being tired for the whole day,  all of his tiredness finishes by looking at his serving wife. A wIse woman can possess her husband by serving.

My second advise is that according to Sunnah

“Give and take gifts then it will improve love between you.”

Therefore, women should give gifts to her husband. For example, if he likes pens then ask your brother to buy and give you and present it as a gift to your husband from your brother or mother. It will remove away the evilness from hearts and increase love.

My third advice is that if a woman acts wisely and with manners during the time when husband goes and comes back from office then the sequence of whole day runs good. Husbands become happy from such wives and fulfills her every wish. Mostly women ignore these two important times and it becomes a basis of quarrels.

Advise from a Sister

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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