Reasons of holes in your bag

Reasons for hole in your bag

Reasons of holes in your bag


Suppose that one person has kept a bag to collect saved money. Whatever he saves everyday he puts it in this bag. After much time when he needed money he opened this bag, after seeing it empty on opening, darkness came in front of his eyes. He came to know that there was a small hole in the bag due to which all the money kept on falling down and the bag was empty.



Now think that what will be situation of that person? He will be much tensed and depressed that by not taking care of a small hole, he wasted the money earned by hard work and will curse himself for his carelessness.

You all know that we also have a bag in which we are collecting the stuff of hereafter. And we think that our virtues earned by hard work will benefit us.  But have we had ever thought about that is there any hole in our bag? May it not happen that when our bag opens at the Day of Judgment we come to know that it is empty due to the small holes in it, of which we never noticed and out virtues earned by hard work waste due to these holes.

Reasons of making holes:

I may tell you about some holes by giving examples so that our saving may not be wasted due to carelessness

We do ablution properly, but waste so much water and waste our virtue.

Give some money to the poor but then make a hole in the bag by abusing and saying bad words to them

Wake up at night to offer Tahajjud and obey our Allah but then discuss our doings with pride by considering our self superior from others and saying others sinful. And in this way we waste our earning by pride and back biting.

We fast bear hunger and thirst but make a hole in the bag by abusing others and not showing patience

Woman wear gown while going outside, gloves in hands, foot are also covered but have put on perfume due to which people are attracted towards her. Wearing full of fashion gown and talking freely to the people in the market, therefore she had made many holes in the deed of wearing gown.

To entertain the guests and talk to them with manners but their backbiting is done when they have gone and their bad ways are founded.

Go to the mosque for offering prayers but the manners of mosque are not kept in mind. Objection, criticism, and comments are passed on the people praying with you, even the imam, the official Muslim who summons the people and the servers. There are many other small deeds due to which our virtues are being wasted. We do not give attention to these holes and our virtues are wasted due to these holes.

When we will open our bag on the Day of Judgment then we will know that our bag is empty. Then we will curse our self but it will be all in vain. To avoid the depression on the right time close these holes and protect your earning. May Allah bless us with intelligence. (Ameen)


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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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