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Pious Couple is a team of people, working to have strong relationship among couples and how to deal with problems in marriage life Jazak Allah khair

Do not consider daughter’s birth a burden

We should as happier on girl’s birth as on boy’s birth. Either a girl or a boy, both are God’s invaluable benefaction and only God knows better what is right to us or yours; either the boy or a girl. Frown on girl’s birth; and being despondent doesn’t suits to momin(believer). This is in-appreciation. I have my …

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Dear Daughter, You’re the one who takes all my sorrows far away

Whenever I get back home from the office, tired and exhausted, You come running towards me with open arms. With your sweet voice calling me “Daddy! Daddy!” You show me your doll with such excitement. And then you ask me for a little treat, With your eyes searching my face for expressions. My little nod …

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50 words story

Life and I Wrote a fifty-word story on the subject of life. On counting, found them to fifty-one. Tried my best to make it fifty, but in vain. Disappointed, showed to him. He read it carefully and said, “Remove ‘I’, it’s meaningless.” Act on his advice, the story of my life become complete    

Appreciate your Mothers

Appreciate your Mothers Nobody will fully understand the sacrifices of a mother. Not even a father. The Almighty knows and He rewards. Let’s appreciate our mothers.   Posted By Pious Couple We hope this poster helped you. If you liked this poster, then please subscribe us on Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram. May Allah SWT bless all Muslim …

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