Dear dad Poetry

Dear Dad – A Poem for Father

Dear Dad – A Poem for Father

Don’t love me beyond limits, dear dad,

For leaving you some day might become really sad.

The way you kiss my forehead every time,

May it never wrinkle with my frown any time.

Whenever I cry from dismay or ache,

You’re always there to wipe my tears after heart break.

Don’t send me to a land that’s far away,

So when I cry you’re nowhere near the doorway.

You’ve always fulfilled each and every desire,

And provided me with all that I require.

With all that I’ve demanded when I’m awake,

You’ve always granted me with whatever it takes.

What if tomorrow in an unknown place,

I miss you and crave your embrace.

What if I cry and to God I plead,

To bestow me with someone who is as loving as you indeed.

The one who is there for me always,

The one who never fails to praise.

Today, promise me, my dad,

That you’ll always keep me hidden from the bad.

From the evil eyes of this world,

I want to stay hidden and curled.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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5 thoughts on “Dear Dad – A Poem for Father”

  1. dear daughters, even dad is nomore u still can offer your fatiha n prayers to yr dearest n loving departed dad.Only solution to overcome sadness n being missed is to be steadfast n always pray to Allah to be blessed with sabr (patience) n love at every trials destined by Him to everyone.Now the ultimate result He bestows is nothing but blissfulness n peace within n without even though yr dad or mom or others are nomore now.So place yr trust in Allah for He is Most Gracious n Most Merciful n Most Caring n Loving to His creatures specially His pious servants! Doa, salam n love to all..more so loving daughters!

  2. Beautiful, made me cry and think about my dad. My dad was always there for me until he died when I was nearly 22 years old.

  3. A heart touching sentimental piece of beautiful poetry for those who love their daughters beyond limit.

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